Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Feliz Navidad - Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays Everyone for 2013

This is my favorite version of Misty Mountains because you can hear the voices without any technical enhancements---- from The Hobbit: AUJ Extended Edition.  My best wishes to all for this Holiday Season.

Wouldn't be Nochebuena if I didn't include the song my family would listen to every December 24. Brings back memories of happier times.

However you celebrate this season, wishing you all the best of times with your friends and family.

Feliz Navidad


  1. Merry Holidays, dear! Hope you will have a lovely Christmas Eve tonight.
    I'm posting a special festive post tomorrow at HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

    1. Thank you my dear Dezz - many hugs to you this season. Look forward to your post, always a treat!

  2. Happy holidays and a good new year. :)


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