Wednesday, January 14, 2015

William Blake Revisited - Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal US TV Series

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks (MI5) - my screencaps from Season 7

And on November 28 Richard favorited an article on Twitter about William Blake:

He loves to give us hints, but we never get them do we?  I thought he was thinking about Lucas. Maybe because I'm always thinking about Lucas! LOL

I've been going to Google for information on this new character, since I've never watched any of the Hannibal movies or the TV show (though I like Mads Mikkelsen and Anthony Hopkins). The character Richard will play is based on a book published in 1981 so he has been around for a while this Red Dragon. The book is part of the Hannibal Lecter book series by Thomas Harris (spoilers about the character at the link below):

Horror is not my thing, and I have no plans to read the book, or books, but I'm so happy he's been cast as this character.  I know he will put his own special stamp on the Tooth Fairy serial killer and I know he will find the human being (as difficult as that is for some to think about) in this character. 

I love when actors challenge themselves, and challenge us as fans to watch something we never would have before.  I love when actors are brave to risk taking on a role, a character, that is hated and feared.  Less typecasting can mean a long and busy career.

I hope it also means that he finally, finally, breaks through the American entertainment industry wall so next time I mention Richard Armitage in my office I don't get blank stares in return. I'll break out the bottle of California Pinot Noir the minute he's on a US talk show.  If he's on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon I'll take a bath in California Pinot Noir. 

Dear Richard - the adventure continues.  Thank you for always, always, surprising us. Expect the Unexpected.

Pic from Fanpop


  1. A bath in pinot noir? Sounds sticky!

    1. I'll let you know how it goes, if he's on the show it's worth it


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