Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 12 Richard Armitage 31 Day Challenge

How has he inspired you?

Seeing his dedication to his work and listening to him talk about his work with such pleasure and passion is an inspiration. 

He inspires me to:

Go on some crazy adventures to see him in a distant city (OK, New York, not so distant).  I've hailed cabs at 3:00am in two different cities in a 24 hour period, without any sleep, just to see him and hear him speak. This is not like me at all, I rarely venture out at dark on my own in my own neighborhood. He's inspired me to take chances and do things at the spur of the moment, to let the "Took" part of me take over, and to enjoy the moment, and for that I'm grateful.  

* Write humorous posts for my blog. Or at least attempt to be humorous. I had not really been inspired to do so before discovering Richard Armitage, and he seems to be the only one that inspires me to write in that way, or attempt to do so. I don't know how successful I really am at humor, but that's part of this too. He inspires me to give it a try, and to enjoy the process.  

Read books I had not heard about before, nor would have selected on my own to read. I've had immense pleasure in reading them, and have discovered new "worlds" because of them. I'll mention three:  Stiff, Urban and the Shed Crew, Unfinished Tales. Some are books he's mentioned he's read or is reading, some he's read as part of his research to play a character, and some are connected to the work he's presently doing. I have a long Richard Reading List and it's growing.

* Find something interesting or something worth learning in even the most frustrating tasks at work. I find this interview he gave while working on Captain America particularly inspiring. Richard wasn't on screen very long, but he still managed to make this an interesting experience for himself. And he made this a more interesting experience for us, his fans, by sharing his thoughts with us.

* By opening a new world I can share with fellow fans around the world every day, on every project. Even if we only share because we're thinking about him at the same moment in time, though each of us is separately in our own real world. I look forward to the next adventure in RA World. (Our next adventure we know will be in Ireland, I'm already enjoying the moment). 

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