Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Watching the BOTFA EE Appendices - Oh Joy

I love all the Behind-the-Scenes docs on all the The Hobbit (and also LOTR) DVDs. Peter Jackson knows how to please us BTS lovers.

Just some random thoughts of moments I liked, or loved, or caught my attention, or made me laugh, or cry, as I'm watching them for the second time. Not anything deep, or any analysis just sitting here watching and enjoying. No particular order either.

SPOILERS (maybe)

-   Wonderful how many of the cast, crew, extras,etc., etc., were affected by The Hobbit when they were children, and their enthusiasm of working on these films now as adults.
 -  Bard (Luke Evans) being hit on the head by that bell- LOL! 
-   Orlando Bloom's Mum as an extra - and his adorable son
-    Richard mentioning how he was mostly hiding when they were filming the BTS documentaries, the reason at the beginning of filming makes me want to go through the screen, space, and time, and hug him. 
-   The amazing dedication and work of the real wizards at WETA
-  Well, well, Adam Brown :)
-   Things they had to do to get to the locations, and things the production people, art directors, etc. have to do in all these locations. Appreciate their work more than ever.
- Andy Serkis needs a comedy role. He could direct it too.
- The Armitage dedication - admire him more than ever after watching all the Hobbit films appendices.
-  My Dwarves - I adore them
-  Worried for them at the Rock and Pillar 
-  I would have done the same as Victoria (Victoria's Cross) - smart woman
-  Loved the story of the retirement village and their connection to the film and also the kids
-   Realizing I have the perfect physical attributes to be a Dwarf woman (come here Thorin my darling)
- Don't understand why some deleted scenes were left out not only of the theatrical version of the film, but out of the EE. Hope we'll see them in a future Director's cut. -Some great scenes. 
- Enjoyed getting to know the Extras and the crew as Extras
-  A surprising regal WETA worker 
- The development of the costumes for Thranduil and Tauriel and the armor for Thorin and the Dwarves, and for Dain, was not only fascinating, but seeing how the concept evolves once the real actors who wear them are there. 
- Also the concepts and designs that Guillermo del Toro and the designers and WETA were working on, and then the change to PJ, and that evolution. Makes me wonder is there any possibility of using all that work in a future GDT film? Also at moments makes me glad that it was PJ who directed the films, because though fascinating, it would have looked so different from LOTR if GDT had directed.
-  What are or were Richard's questions for the Tolkien Scholars - inquiring minds want to know
-   I need to find the story of Thorir
-   We so need that Christmas album 
-   Alan Lee - dance with me! 
-  I want to live in Dale - before Smaug
- Thorin Oakenshield - caterer 
-  Everyone that works on those sets, all of them, deserve a special award  
- Wish we had the wheel in my office 
-   Can't stop watching Thorin's battle with Azog, and it's torture every time
- The moment they all come out of Erebor to fight. Loved watching them film that scene and how excited our dwarf knights and our king were. 
-    Those farewells - I'm still crying 

I'm still watching

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