Sunday, October 1, 2017

Berlin Station - EPIX - Curious about Trevor's Birthplace (Daniel Miller's Cover Identity) - Richard Armitage

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I'm probably the only one who is curious why Alexandria, Virginia, was chosen as the place of birth of neo-Nazi cover identity for our favorite Berlin Station CIA spy Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage).

Alexandria, VA

 Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA

Did they select Alexandria from a list of places near Washington DC, or because CIA HQ is in Northern Virginia (not Alexandria, but Langley)?  Or is one of the writers familiar with Alexandria?   

I'm not exactly happy that Trevor Price is from Alexandria, would prefer if maybe Daniel's US family came from Alexandria.  But still, curious to see my "hometown" for a second. Wonder if Richard visited Alexandria as part of his research? 

Trevor is also an interesting choice of name.  For a minute I thought maybe Daniel could go undercover as a British arms dealer named Trevor, and RA could use his own beautiful accent.  

Have watched the first two episodes of Berlin Station Season 2 (thank you EPIX) and have a good feeling about this second  season and Daniel Miller's role in it.  Good to see Richard Armitage in a more central role in the series, especially in the first episode.  I think Richard prefers to play conflicted characters that are challenged, and think Trevor/Daniel may be that transformation. Certainly more interesting to play than "good guy" Daniel in Season 1.  

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