Saturday, February 10, 2018

Audiobook Challenge - Two Books this Month and A Suggestion for Audible

I looks like by the beginning of next week I will have finished two audiobooks by mid-February. 

I'm just finishing the first book in David Hewson's Nic Costa series,  A Season for The Dead,and I'm really enjoying it.  I'll certainly continue the series, after a detour to  read one more of the Bernie Gunther series (I have two of the series left I think), and maybe a detour for The Tattooist of Auschwitz, narrated by Richard Armitage.

The second book I listened to this month, February, is Wanderlust.  Yes, I did use my one Audible credit this month for Wanderlust narrated by Richard Armitage.

What was my favorite moment in Wanderlust? My favorite moment was (is) the video below:

If only Wanderlust was the book that Richard describes.  He's a born diplomat.

I'm glad I listened to Wanderlust after all. I always enjoy listening to his voice. But I don't plan to listen to it again. Didn't change my mind about this genre. 

Still wander why Audible suggested this, and why he said he would record it. If Audible wants him to narrate more in the "romance" or even erotic romance genre, please find him something better, worthy of his gift of narration.  

I'm glad some RA fans enjoyed it.  Also hope it brings him new fans that will discover his work.  Hope it also inspires casting directors to think of him in a new way so they cast him for interesting and versatile roles we can all enjoy. 

I would prefer if he went back to Georgette Heyer, Dickens, Shakespeare, Stevenson, Hewson, Hartley, etc. and maybe find some great, new, undiscovered, contemporary writers. They are out there Audible, I'm sure of it. 

I've been thinking of what I could suggest to Audible in the more "risque" category, if that's what they want for RA, and I may make this suggestion:

More specifically John Thomas and Lady Jane by D.H. Lawrence, unabridged and uncensored.  Richard Armitage can narrate the Parkin (Mellors) role, if they can find a good female narrator with an interesting voice.


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  2. I agreed with everything you said - a rarity for me! I even love your D.H. Lawrence suggestion. I hope RCA and Audible hear your comments.


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