Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Audiobook Challenge - Updating Progress

Think I lost track of my reading, or rather, stopped posting what I've been listening to on Audible and elsewhere.

I recently finished Their Lost Daughters, performed by Richard Armitage, and written by Joy Ellis.  I'm now definitely looking forward to the next two books in the series coming this fall. Jackman and Evans are my new favorite detectives.  Hope there is a producer out there thinking this book series would make the next great UK TV detective series. And we all know who should play Jackman. 

Now I'm back to Field Gray by Philip Kerr.  I was halfway through this book before taking a break to read/listen to Their Lost Daughters. I'm almost finished, not my favorite of the series so far, too much of Bernie telling the same story to secret agents while imprisoned.  Most interesting is how the Stasi evolved.  Field Gray is Book #10 of the Bernie Gunther series I've read, trying to follow chronologically rather than the order the books were published.

Think I'll go back to Nic Costa next, and book #3.

So I started the Audiobook Challenge in January/February.  What have I read/listened to so far (not really in order):

Their Lost Daughters (Jackman and Evans series)

A Season for the Dead (Nic Costa series)

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

The Martian Invasion of Earth (adaptation of The War of the Worlds - audio play)


The Bloody Chamber (Angela Carter)

The Villa of Mysteries (Nic Costa series)

A Quiet Flame (Bernie Gunther series)

The One from the Other (Bernie Gunther series)

Not sure about Richard Armitage's next audiobook release in August I believe, right now it doesn't seem it will be available in the US.  I'm still looking for it, hopefully it will turn up, or I can order the CD's. 

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