Thursday, January 20, 2022

New Year - New Reading Challenge: Better World Books 2022 Reading Challenge and My January Selection

 Sean Bean in Equilibrium - photo from Fanzone50

In December I started contemplating taking up a new reading challenge for 2022.  I liked the Better World Books reading challenge the best.

This is not a strictly audiobook challenge like other challenges I've attempted.  As an audiobook lover I plan to do both printed books an audiobooks depending on the book I select for the month's challenge.

Better World Books (BWB) also has a Facebook page for this reading challenge and I like the idea of sharing comments with my fellow challenge participants.  
I'm still a member of three different book clubs (all still online 💖).  Part of last year I was a member of four book clubs, but I dropped one for this year. Though I enjoyed all the book clubs, two monthly ones were a bit too much for me. One monthly I can handle. Two hefty books a month, plus my other "two chapters a week" clubs left me no time to read/listen to books of my own selection.  (Plus I still have other chores of life I have to do, even if now retired.)

What does BWB consider History Retold for January?  " Historical fiction, memoirs, or any retelling of a historical event or time in history. "

I've selected two audiobooks for this challenge:

I'm finishing this one today, have one hour to go.


A book a friend recommended a few years ago, and I've had it "resting" in my Audible library since then.

Why two?  I was already listening to the Poe one, but didn't think of it when I posted Educated: A Memoir as my Jan selection on the BWB Challenge FB page. 

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