Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge - Day 21

Which Character Would You Like To Be?

In Day 3 of the Challenge I tried to explain why the character I relate to the most is Balin.

Balin is who I am, but does this mean Balin is who I want to be given all the character choices available in both Hobbit films and in the novel?

I've been thinking about all the characters and trying to decide who I would pick.  

I immediately discarded Thorin.  I want to be WITH Thorin, but not be Thorin.  

Since I'm a woman, I then decided to just look at the two adult female choices available: Galadriel and Tauriel.


I'm a fan of Cate Blanchett as an actor, I've had the privilege of seeing her on stage and now admire her even more. But I have never related to Galadriel, and it's not Cate's fault.

First, she's an Elf, and I've never related to the Elves. They are too ethereal and distant. Also, I envy their amazing flat iron hair skills.

Second, she's too cold and contained.  I don't trust anyone that no matter how horrible the threat to their world always remains cool and detached. The one time she showed some real emotion was over the ring (THAT ring!) so that didn't really come from her heart. 

Galadriel is not who I want to be. 


I'm one of the few people on earth that didn't watch LOST, so I had never seen, and barely heard, of Evangeline Lilly before. I wasn't sure about her in this role, and all her Hobbit PR interviews prior to watching the film did not reassure me. 

Thanks to Evangeline Lilly's performance I liked the character of Tauriel more than I thought I would. I had doubts not because this was a character created for the film and not in the novel, but because of some of storyline that involved Tauriel. I'm not a woman that only relates to characters that are other women, I can identify with male characters as well. I also don't need a romance to have an interest in a story. 

Now after watching DOS I still have doubts about the Kili/Tauriel romance, but Lilly convinced me as this character, and I like this Elf. I don't relate to Elves, so she did a good job with Tauriel to make her a warmer character.

Still, I can't quite say I want to be Tauriel:

First, because she's "feisty" and a "badass".  I've never wanted to be a "badass" and some "feisty" people get on my nerves. 

Second, because she's in a love triangle, or love "rectangle", and not a very believable "triangle" at that! Too complicated a love life for me. (And who could look at anyone else when Thorin is around!) Plus, there's something going on between her and Thranduil. I mean, she's reporting to him in what seems like the middle of the night, when he's in his evening robes, in his bedroom? 

Tauriel is not who I want to be.

So again I go through all the characters in my mind, hobbit, dwarves, elves, men (and women), orcs, goblins, trolls, wizards...nothing.

Well, Balin, looks like it must be you-it is you:

 How did Thorin's picture get in there???

Or just maybe there will be a flashback character in TABA? A Dwarf Princess that was once engaged to Thorin?....

(it's only a dream, Tolkien fans, only a dream)

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  1. LMAO, especially to the last line!

    1. Serv, I think you're one of the few people that get my sense of humor ;) Thanks for reading and laughing


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