Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge - Day 28

If You Had To Face Any One Monster, Which Would You Choose?

I would choose Smaug.

Yes, he can breathe fire and is a huge scary 
cold-hearted lizard, but he has a particular weakness.  He's a talker. 

Not much banter with orcs and goblins, and you need the One Ring to understand what the spiders are talking about.  

Smaug on the other hand enjoys the thrill of a good conversational give and take.  He's also pretty vain. Just like Bilbo and Thorin figured out in DOS, you can distract Smaug with flattery or a few well placed insults while you get away or get ready to pour sizzling hot gold on him.  If only Girion had figured that one out long ago maybe many could have gotten away safe from Dale and the Lonely Mountain.  

How to tame your dragon? Keep him talking.

(poster image thanks to El Anillo Unico)

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