Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Hobbit 30 Day Challenge - Day 6

Do You Think Bilbo's Last Riddle To Gollum Was Fair?

I don't think Bilbo's last "riddle", which was a question, and not a riddle, was fair if we're talking just about the game they're playing.  However, Bilbo was fighting for his life in this game and I think we would all have done the same to escape Gollum -Smeagol. We would have done the same to survive.

Bilbo also starts becoming aware around this time that the ring belonged to Gollum and that it's not just a nice piece of jewelry.

In fairness I have to point out that Gollum gives Bilbo an opening to ask this last "riddle" because he does say something like "ask me a question!!" when Bilbo is taking too long to come up with a new riddle. So, on Bilbo's side, he's really responding in the right way to what Gollum just asked him to do.

Bilbo would have made a great lawyer.

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