Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whatever Happened to Robin Ellis? (Article)

Robin Ellis as Ross Poldark

I was a teenager when I first fell madly in love with Ross Poldark. Now many, many, years later I still have a soft spot in my heart for the actor who played him in the 70's.  Robin Ellis has a very entertaining blog these days, he writes cookbooks, and talks about his travels, and is just so charming. He still looks good too.

Robin Ellis in 2012

I subscribe to his blog and always feel happy when I see he has a new blog post. I don't cook much these days, but I enjoy hearing about his travels selling his cookbooks and his life in France, and occasionally about the glory days of Poldark.

Today I was happy to see he had shared a recent interview he did for the Daily Express titled "Whatever Happened to Poldark's Robin Ellis?"  Interest in Poldark is back because the BBC is remaking the series for airing in 2015.

Before I post more about the article and a link, have to post this intro from Ellis that made me both laugh and cry. Apparently all actors know this sequence, titled the Five Lives or Five Stages Of an Actor:

"Five lives of an actor":

Runs like this:

Who is Robin Ellis?

What about Robin Ellis?

We must have Robin Ellis!

We need someone like Robin Ellis….

Whatever Happened to Robin Ellis…??

Ellis thinks the BBC remaking Poldark is a "lovely idea." Not only has he enjoyed a long career in the theater, he also has a history degree from Cambridge because his parents wanted him to have something to fall back on.

To read the entire article, click on the link below:

I hope if Robin Ellis gets any news about the new Poldark, he'll share it with us on his blog. 


  1. Get a history degree so you'll have something to fall back on. LMAO :)


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