Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nicolas Le Floch - International French Mystery In The Time Of Luis XV

This French police mystery has many things close to my heart: dashing men in period costumes, great swordfights, gorgeous locations, and a conflicted hero at the center of it all.

Commissaire Nicolas Le Floch is a master police detective, protecting citizens and nobles alike. He's sworn to serve King Luis XV and protect the monarchy, but he believes in fairness and justice above politics. Nicolas is also the illegitimate son of the Marquis de Ranreuil. He was raised in Brittany by Canon Floch and educated by the Jesuits. Later the young man is sent for by his godfather Ranreuil (who he then finds out is his real father) to work for the head of the police in Paris, Antoine de Sartine. (Antoine de Sartine is a real historical figure in the time of Luis XV and XVI , played in the series by actor Francois Caron.)

The series is based on the historical mystery novels by Jean-François Parot. Parot is a French diplomat who as ambassador promoted the use of food in diplomacy. As a result of Parot's interest in food, or maybe just because he's French, the Le Floch novels feature many descriptions of food and of Nicolas' gourmet friends.


Like many historical novels and series, the episodes feature real historical characters, like Luis XV and his mistress Madame Pompadour, and many others. Part of the appeal of the series is seeing the interaction between historical figures and fictional characters and how that plays out in the resolution of the crime.

Nicolas is both an outsider and insider, moving easily between the aristocracy and the criminal elements of society. Like all great detectives he uses his powers of deduction and even unorthodox methods to solve the crime. Though he loyally serves the court and the letter of the law, he has his own moral compass. He's also a bit of a "Jacques Bond" character with the ladies, they all want him. 

Nicolas Le Floch is played by Jérôme Robart. 

The link below has the TV Series website from France 2 that includes an interview with Robard (in French only):

Below are two fan videos, one with the theme music for the series Nicolas Le Floch and the other some behind-the-scenes photos of the series being filmed in Versailles and other locations.

Nicolas Le Floch is now playing on Sunday nights at 9:00pm on MHzNetworks.  Check their website to see if it's showing in your area:

If you're like me and watching Downton Abbey on Sunday nights, you can always set your DVR like I do for Nicolas. 

Update  March 8: Nicolas returns tonight at 9:00pm:


  1. Sounds like an interesting series, Fabolaktuko. I now ordered the first book part from France and I need to collect all my forgotten knowledge in French to read it now. But accessing the series online is not possible here for me, so that was the available alternative.
    See what you do to me with your wonderful post ;o)
    Thank you, Fabolaktuko! I am really curious to read the story now.

    1. Hello C! So happy to know my post interested you in buying one of the Le Floch books. Happy reading.


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