Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mood of the Day: RA Bliss

I woke up late this Sunday, a bit grumpy, and grumbling about chores I should do today. After puttering about I logged on to my laptop to check on the news of the day...and the RA news of the day...and what do I find!!!!!!!!!!

Our lovely and true gentleman, Richard Armitage, sent his fans a beautiful message, in part about the RA Community's contribution to the Rise Up Telethon for Christchurch Earthquake relief (to read more about this event on my fellow bloggers sites, see the left hand sidebar).  

You can read the entire message on Click on the link below:

Also check out my friend and fellow blogger Calexora's Befuddled Musings to find out what the "cello challenge" RA refers to is all about:

I am so very proud  and honored to be part of the RA Community! Hugs to all!

My great admiration, respect, and affection to Richard Armitage 

Happy Sunday

Cap from Powhiri Ceremony - Peter Jackson Video Blog


  1. Love the title of his post: RA bliss indeed!!!! And that is such a great picture of him. I can't believe how the Russian RA site keeps finding these treasures. Wonderful.
    Wishing you a joy filled chore day; am about to embark on my own chores...I think I'll be walking around on clouds though all day. :) He brings such joy to us, doesn't he?

  2. I think I'll be RA blissful all day Calexora :)
    He does bring joy,I hope he knows it.
    So amazing he mentioned your "cello challenge", we can hope he takes it up on day.
    Yes, how does the Russian RA site do it!! So glad they share :)

  3. Love to wake up this way :) I'm usually a high spirit kind of person but today I feel in a total bliss, on cloud nine! So happy and proud to be part of "our little community" Thud, that made my day! I sound and feel more and more like a teen fangurl! ¿A poco no? Jaja ;-)

  4. Hola Summer!
    Yo que tengo edad para ser la madre de esas "teen fangurls"...con RA me siento que tengo 15 aƱos, JA!
    That was lovely indeed, "our little community", what a sweetheart he is :)

  5. Very happy news indeed! I love his cheeky way of writing. :))

  6. Hi phylly3,
    I do love his sense of humor :)


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