Friday, May 13, 2011

Not Very Happy with Blogger

Unfortunately my last post was deleted by Blogger and I'm having serious doubts that they are going to reinstate it, not only the post, but the comments.

I now know in the future to keep some sort of backup of my posts elsewhere, maybe a paper copy like in the old days. Never rely on technology.

I realize in the scheme of things this is not really important, just a long week that seems longer for me.

I understand that there are problems, but don't announce that "Blogger is Back" when it isn't, and  please provide some way to get technical support other than posting on a forum and waiting for someone to answer.  Yes, maybe we shouldn't demand consideration and service from something that is free, or should we?

IT IS FRIDAY the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I know the feeling - my post was deleted too. AND talk about friday the 13th - my telephone died this morning - it drowned in bubble blower fluid. My daughter forgot to put the lid on.


  2. Just try to be patient, they ARE working to get everything back. :) (Says me who has been on edge since last night because I couldn't get to the dashboard! *cough*) My three missing posts came back an hour or so ago, so they haven't been completely lost in cyberspace - thank goodness! Hoping they'll restore the comments too, but as long as the posts are there, that's what's most important!

    Note to self: Remember to save a regular backup ...

  3. Keep your hope up. My lost post just was restored, so the results slowly are coming back. But I will now do paper copies of my posts as well.

  4. Thank you Alfie, Traxy and CDoart!

    I took your advise and tried to take deep breaths and did calm down. Luckily my post is now restored, but not the comments yet, and I do hope they are restored as well. Alfie, I'm sorry your phone died this morning! Yes ladies, lesson learned I will save backups :)

  5. Yes backup is very important, specially for You when You have really wonderful full text posts, not like me mostly pictures, so the lost will be much bigger than mine. You can download Your blog on computer using Panel, there in Settings is something like Export. You can have file with Your blog on Your computer and post it wherever You want with comments :) You just have to clickie Import on other blog site :)

  6. Hi Jonia!
    Thank you so much for the information, I didn't know that, but will certainly give it a try, and save the backup that way from now on. Thanks!


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