Monday, November 14, 2011

A Bit More Armitage Humor - Part Deux

There are many things I admire about Richard Armitage but I adore his sense of humor.  

So, I made another one of my videos, this one a follow-up to "A Bit of Armitage Humor" with more clips about the funny and adorable side of Armitage:

Part Deux: A Bit of Armitage Humor

Hope it brings everyone a smile on a  cold late autumn day.

As a bonus, I'm also posting one of my favorite RA interviews. OK, true confessions, I love all of RA's interviews, but this is one of my favorites, from the audiobook "Sheriff Got Your Tongue?" from 2006: 


  1. The sense of humour is utterly engaging. (Who can forget "...a James Hewitt - is that a profession?") ?? Great vids, Fabo!


  2. Thank you Fabo for posting a double video.

    I needed a bit of Armitage's voice!

  3. @fitzg LOL! One of my favorite lines also!

    @LadyCassia Glad you enjoyed it :)

  4. Thank you Fabo. I do love his humour too.

  5. @amandajane17 Hello! Happy you enjoyed it :)


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