Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Results Day #5 - King Richard Armitage Fan-Art - GizTheGunslinger

The King Richard Armitage Website (KRA) is highlighting the artwork and the artists who contributed to the Fan-Art Event in October.

Today the KRA artist in the spotlight is:


Below is just a small detail of her amazing creation for KRA:

To see the entire work and read a very interesting interview with the artist go to the King Richard Armitage website at the links below:

To see more of GizTheGunslinger's artwork and videos you can visit her two sites below:

For links to all the KRA participating blogs go to the link below:

Taking our inspiration from GizTheGunslinger's KRA artwork we wonder what the best dressed king or knight was wearing for battle or ceremony in the days of Richard III?

Below are a few examples of the armour fashion of the day:

It wouldn't be very difficult for us to imagine how well Richard Armitage would look in his medieval armour as Richard III.

Please support Richard Armitage’s effort by signing the petition and encouraging potential financiers and production investors to support the “Richard III” project.

(Medieval Armour pics from and, R3 from, screencap from updated list)


  1. ooh, that' s a great artwork! And love the pic of nude Dicky Armitage with that silver thingy oh his arm :)

  2. What a great idea - an armour fashion show for our King Richard. Your selection is great and I now really can imagine him in his royal role and armour, thanks to you and Guy of Gisborne ;o)

  3. @Dezz We aim to please :) So glad you enjoyed it - and the artwork too :)

    @CDoart Thank you for your lovely comment D! Great interview on KRA.

  4. Hi Fabo, I started to know Giz as a fanvidder, few months ago. My favorites are the 40th birthday celebration and the one on Captain America. She has a special talent in putting both sparks and feelings in her videos.

    Later, I discovered she is an artist and an excellent one. This Richard III is amazing, fierce and mesmerizing. I'm not an artist, but I perceive a special allure in her drawings of Mr. A, the actor. Don't know why. Just my impression.

  5. @LadyCassia Hello! I also know Giz first as a fanvidder and agree with you that as an artist she captures Armitage's personality and his characters in a special way. I think you're right about her "special allure" for Mr A :) Thank you for your lovely comments.


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