Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today's King Richard Armitage Post: Book Reviews

As one of the King Richard Armitage (KRA) website's participating bloggers I've also been posting about the artists who contributed fan art during October. Some of the contributions during that month were also books and so today the KRA site is recommending some great books, fiction and non-fiction, about Richard III and his life and times.  

You might just find the perfect book for the King Richard III or history lover on your Christmas list:

One of the books on the list is one Richard Armitage has mentioned in interviews.  Here is an excerpt from an interview he gave to Vulpes Libris in 2009:

VL: Now, you were born on August the 22nd and your given name is Richard. I believe those two facts are not completely disconnected – and that there are plans afoot for a bit of Richard III rehabilitation. Can you tell us a little more about it?

RA: I was named Richard being born on the anniversary of Richard III’s demise at Bosworth; one of my father’s favourite novels is The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman, and I read this many years ago. In recent years it has lead to a tentative interest and line of research into the rehabilitation of this story. As an actor, it’s a project I would love to achieve. I believe it is a great story, a socio-political thriller, a love story and a dynastic tragedy. My challenge is to convince commercial producers to see beyond ‘history lesson’, but I strongly suspect that this will be a long way off, probably outside of my ability to play the role, but I wouldn’t rule out playing another role, I may even be producing by the time someone wakes up and realizes the potential for this project.

Petition for “Richard III”

For several years, Richard Armitage, starring in the upcoming “The Hobbit” films, has been seeking financing to make a film or television series exploring a more historically accurate portrayal of King Richard III of England.

Please support Richard Armitage’s effort by signing this petition and encouraging potential financiers and production investors to support the “Richard III” project. Click on the link below to go to the petition:

This website (KRA) is created through a fan-initiative to support Richard Armitage with his “Richard III” filming project and to demonstrate that there is a substantial global audience who support this project.


  1. Sounds like an interesting book, and you know I love historical ones

  2. Hi Fabo, thanks for the recommendations.
    I wonder if someone read the trilogy: "The Rose of York" by Sandra Worth.

    Worth develop the theory of the good reputation of Richard III, both as man and king(well, some years later than Penman!).

    Several readers left excellent reviews on

    I would appreciate advices. Thanks!

  3. Thanks - that sounds like a book I maybe should read after I have read a "facts" book. Could you recommend a good one?

  4. @Dezz I would love to have some of your recommendations for historical books or novels that you like.

    @LadyCassia Thank you so much for recommending The Rose of York novels, worth reading from all the reviews.

    @Alfie The Richard III American branch has an interesting page with lots of resources for students. I think any recommendation for students is always a good way to start with the basics, and I certainly need the basics:


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