Friday, December 21, 2012

Meeting the Men Behind the Dwarves: The Hobbit New York Premiere Part II

Many months before I even hoped that I would meet most of the cast of The Hobbit, and be in the same room with Peter Jackson, I worked on a series of Voices posts featuring the cast, especially the men behind the dwarves.  

If you are interested in knowing a bit about the actors and their work  before world fame with The Hobbit, click on the links below. (There is a bit of Richard Armitage too).

During the after party, that I've already discussed in my previous post about meeting RA, we met others in the cast. We met them either alone or together with one of the other Dwarves. 

Who did we meet? Meeting Jed Brophy, James Nesbitt, Stephen Hunter, and Adam Brown was a delight. They were wonderfully friendly all. We were happy to talk a bit more at length with William Kircher, Peter Hambleton, and Mark Hadlow during the course of the evening. They all talked very highly of Peter Jackson as a director and the collaborative spirit on the set.  I also saw John Callen several times as we were circling the party crowd, but never got a chance to talk.

Turn a corner, and who do we find, Frodo and Bilbo - oh yes - Martin Freeman and Elijah Wood in conversation together. That was quite thrilling to briefly say hello to both of them and meet them. Martin did all the talking, but I can't even remember what he said, and Elijah said not a word, but smiled sweetly. I even have a photo of me standing next to Elijah (it's a group photo, so won't post here). 

I'll never forget December 6 - it was truly my Christmas present

 Photo of Some of the Cast  and PJ at NYC Premiere Dec 6


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