Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Lucas Look and Found A Guide to Wearing Shiny Suits

I don't really know if Richard Armitage's stylist has been inspired by his well known characters, but I see some resemblance to what he wore as Lucas North in several of the Premiere ensembles . Lucas is my favorite character and I loved how Armitage looked in Spooks. 

Here are some of the Lucas Looks I've noticed, and liked, in the Magical Mystery Hobbit Tour.

By the way,  he wore a waxed wool Calvin Klein suit for the Tokyo Premiere.

 Did you know there is a guide to wearing a shiny suit:

shiny suitsIt is very important that what you wear enhance your style and personality, as dressing determine man’s impression. When you meet someone first time, your dressing plays an important role in making impression. You can dress according to time and events. It is vital to make a "good" and strong first impression.
It is easier to make a great first impression with your appearance and then follow up by showing what a capable, impressive and trustworthy person you are, with a winning performance. The clothing we choose makes a significant impact. This is such an important area, in which we can build the greatest impression. What you wear makes a difference in how you influence the world.
Few Tips:
• The fit factor for men’s shiny suits should fit comfy, but not tight around the upper body.
• Make sure there is just enough room to slip a hand inside the breast flap of your shiny suit. Jacket sleeves should drop to just above the palm of the hand.
• Wide lapels, shirt collars and neckties can overwhelm a slender physique in double breasted suit.
• Conversely, narrow shoulders, tie and collars magnify the proportions of fuller-figured men. And the width of a necktie also should be in proportion to coat lapels.
• Standard cuffs, with functioning buttons, ticket pockets and side vents are small touches that can add a lot to a linen suit.
• Pleated pants tend to make legs and hips appear wider, while flat-front pants create the opposite effect.
• For long-term value, invest in one suit that can easily transition from business to formal occasions.
• Navy looks great in the office, and it works at night as well.
• The best color for a shiny suits is black. And with Black shiny suits, you have a choice of wearing black or brown shoes and accessories.
• Double vents in the rear can billow unflatteringly on men with prodigious backsides.
• Patterns such as plaids and stripes tend to exaggerate the proportions of large men, while making the contours of a slender man more prominent.
• Cuff-free slacks tend to elongate the look of the leg. Cuffed pants have a truncating effect because the vertical line is disrupted.
 shiny suits have a slenderizing effect on portly men, while that extra panel of fabric can appear to swallow the physique of slender men.
Pics thanks to and Richard Armitage Central

The Magical Mystery Hobbit Tour continues with Toronto, New York, possibly Dublin, and London ahead. Looking forward to seeing Richard Armitage continue to look dashing, handsome, and fashion forward.


I have to confess that a tiny part of me is a bit nostalgic for the old and more innocent fashion days. He's a very handsome and charming man and we can clearly see that no matter what he's wearing.


  1. I enjoyed this post Fabo. Great comparisons with his Spooks wardrobe! I do like the shiny suit, but not when he had his arms around his co-stars as the jacket pulled at the closed button (which didn't look so well).
    Plus I had to agree with Judi about the polo shirt being a mistake at the Aria awards. (and usually I don't notice wardrobes). See what you fashion mavens have done to me?

    1. After all the premiere wardrobes the shiny suit grew on me, I thought it fit the wild Tokyo premiere. Glad you liked the article and the Lucas comparison :) I didn't mind the Aria polo shirt, but I always think he looks best in dark colors that set off his eyes and his features. We'll get to watch him in an entire new wardrobe for DOS, can't wait!


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