Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rolf is Back: Lassgard as SEBASTIAN BERGMAN- International Mystery

No one does "troubled-middle-aged-womanizer-searching-for-love-but-still-a-genius-with-hidden-heart-of-gold-detective" better than Swedish actor Rolf Lassgard.

I'm happy to see Rolf back on US Television in the two part detective drama Sebastian Bergman (2010).

(Rolf Lassgard is my favorite Wallander)

MHz Networks aired Part 1 of the series, Sebastian Bergman: The Cursed One, last Thursday and will air Part 2 this Thursday, September 12.

Bergman is a police criminal profiler who has not been working since he suffered a terrible personal tragedy several years earlier. Though he puts on a good front, and pursues women at every turn, he's still crippled by the pain of his initial loss years ago.  

We meet him again after the loss of his mother, when he's gone back to his hometown to sell her house.  Initially he's planning on selling her home and belongings quickly and living from the proceeds and her life insurance. But two things happen to him there, he finds a hidden secret in the house that may change his life, and he witnesses the local police, where he used to work, making an arrest in his front lawn.  From there he becomes involved as a consulting profiler in the murder mystery of a high school student, initially as an excuse to find information for his own purposes. But once he joins the investigation, Bergman can't let it go. 

The cast of Sebastian Bergman

The series is based on novels by Hjorth Rosenfeldt (the writing team of Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt). See the interview (In English with German subtitles) below with the authors, beware, there are SPOILERS:

If you like psychological mysteries and complex detectives, I recommend Sebastian Bergman. Part 2 airs Thursday at 9:00pm on MHz.  Check the links below for more information and to find if MHz Networks airs in your area.

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