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Sean Bean News - Macbeth Movie to Start Filming January 2014

Enemy of Man Photo: Sean Bean Online

In interviews during 2006 and 2007 Sean Bean talked about playing Macbeth in a film called at the time "Come Like Shadows".   

Here's part of one of those interviews, Sean talking with Rotten Tomatoes in 2007: 

Rotten Tomatoes: In terms of next steps for you, I understand you're about to play Macbeth...

Sean Bean: This is something that's been talked about for a while now. I think they're still trying to get it together. Friends of mine called Nick Saunders and Vincent Regan - who's an actor who was in Troy with me - they put the thing together.

It's a great script but it's just about getting the financing for it, like anything else. Tilda Swinton wanted to play Lady Macbeth which I was very excited about having worked with her on Caravaggio many years ago. Everything's set up for it but it's still in the producer's hands right now. It's something I'd very much
like to be involved with but it's difficult to get these things off the ground. If you're given a chance you can show just how exciting Shakespeare can be and certainly, in this case, how dark it can be. Trying to convince people to finance a film that's dark, gritty and independent; that's the challenge. It's quite a hard sell. (Thanks to the Compleat Sean Bean)

Sean Bean on stage as Macbeth

But now finally in 2013 we have some positive news about this film, now called "Enemy of Man" (from

U.K. banner Kaleidoscope Film Distribution has struck a deal for worldwide distribution rights to Enemy of Man, a reworking of Shakespearean tragedy Macbeth, which boasts Harry Potter star Rupert Grint as part of the cast.

"Enemy of Man" Kaleidoscope will begin pre-sales during the Toronto International Film Festival on the title, which is set to begin filming in January of 2014 and stars Sean Bean as the tragic antihero.

Kaleidoscope will also distribute the title in the U.K.
Also starring alongside Bean and Grint is Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Jason Flemyng (X-Men: First Class), James D’Arcy (Cloud Atlas), Neil Maskell (Kill List) and Joe Gilgun (This is England).

Vincent Regan directs this latest version, billed as a retelling of a timeless tale of war, regicide, betrayal and untimely revenge.
"Although 400 years old, Shakespeare’s work feels truly contemporary," Regan said. "An ambitious childless couple; their longing for family replaced by a chilling pursuit of absolute power. Remaining true to its dark heart, we will strip back the dialogue, crank up the action and produce an atmospheric and blood-soaked chiller."


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  1. This was the post I really wanted to comment on! Sean is so busy, I'm surprised he has time to make a movie as well as the new TV series, but Macbeth would be good, especially if Tilda Swinton could do it with him.

    1. Hi KatharineD - so happy you were finally able to leave a comment. I salute you for still trying.
      It would be great if Tilda Swinton plays Lady Macbeth as originally planned.They haven't worked together since they were both in their 20's I think. He's worked so long on this project I'm just glad it's finally going to happen.

    2. You don't live in England by any chance do you? I would love to have seen Sean on stage in Macbeth a few years ago.
      I presume he'll be moving to America for a while to make the new TV series- have you seen the clip from it? Looks interesting.
      I've been meaning to rewatch the Sharpe episode that has the lovely Graham McTavish in it- haven't watched a Sharpe for a while, so it's no hardship. I think it's the first of the two India ones- need to check.

    3. No, I don't live in England :( but in the US. Didn't see Sean on stage, and in hindsight maybe I should have made the effort of time and money to do so at the time. Where are you geographically?
      I've seen the clip from Legends, haven't heard much about it since. From interviews I have the feeling Sean doesn't like LA too much, don't know if they are filming there. Too far from me.
      Yes, I think Graham is in the first India Sharpe episode. I should re-watch that one too, now that I know a bit more about Mr. McT.
      Recently saw SH interview with Sean saying he is still hoping for another Sharpe movie, but he says too expensive to produce right now.

    4. I'm in Australia- must be one of the very few countries left that Sean hasn't worked in! I have mixed feelings about seeing him possibly make another Sharpe- I so love the early ones when he was in his thirties- so young and dashing in that gorgeous green uniform. I didn't enjoy the older, more jaded version of his character nearly as much.
      I always loved his grace and athleticism in the fight sequences, and RA reminded very much of the same quality in some of those majestic spins fighting the goblins, I think it was. They both certainly know how to wield a sword!

    5. I'm sure he'll find his way there one day :)
      I know, he was drop dead gorgeous in the early Sharpe days wasn't he? I still hope they make one more Sharpe based on the Sharpe's Devil book, and have him reunite with his daughter. Interesting what they did with the Sharpe India books to adjust to Sean's age, but you're right, not as good as the original episodes. I was very involved with the Sharpe fandom at the time, so they will always be memorable to me for that reason :)

      I love sword-fights and RA and SB are two of the best, I agree. You know SB won awards at RADA for sword-fighting. Would love to see both of them together in a period film with lots of swordplay.

  2. Two of the best voices in the business too, I think. There's a great video on YouTube of Sean voicing the first verse of 'Over The Hills And Far Away' followed by John Tams' singing- gives me chills every time! I think the music was one of the highlights of the series- 'Love Farewell' and 'Only Remembered'- there again I love John Tams' lovely mournful voice. I went to see War Horse on stage recently and got quite emotional hearing 'Only Remembered' sung live.
    I'd love to hear more about the Sharpe fandom some time- was there a website?

    1. I'm thinking perhaps we should continue our conversation via email rather than public comments- ok with you?


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