Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hobbit Fan Event New York - November 4, 2013

My Hobbit T-Shirt from Nov 4

I'm tired, and my feet really hurt, and I may be suffering from delayed frostbite, but I would do it all again tomorrow.

Richard Armitage and Two Other Guys*

I'm sure I'll need a few days to catch up with all the blogs and websites of  Armitage fans  and Hobbit fans who were there yesterday. The details of the evening have been more than covered by now I'm sure, especially for those that watched the streaming portion of the evening, so I really wouldn't be adding much to what you all have already read and said. 

Standing in line was also much fun thanks to my great line companions and the company of two wonderful RA Friends. 

I'm glad Richard wasn't "styled" and was just his wonderful, quiet, lovely, self, wearing his favorite black long-sleeve Lucas T-shirt, and that gorgeous leather jacket.  I'm still in a state of bliss and grateful for having the good fortune to be there and to see him.

As a special treat for those lucky few of us in theaters around the world, we did see 20 minutes of footage from Desolation of Smaug (DOS).  Peter Jackson asked us not to give too many details, but don't think there's harm in saying we saw scenes in Mirkwood, Laketown, and lots of barrels.  I was impressed by what we saw.  

This morning when I was trying to hail a cab at 3:30am across from Central Park in New York to get to the train station on time, I thought of Richard, the new New Yorker.  Had there been an opportunity, might have asked him if he's settled in the new apartment. 

*Anderson Cooper and Orlando Bloom


  1. Glad you had such a great time!

  2. Was looking forward to reading your impressions. Happy you had the opportunity to see him again. Unfortunately for us who followed event online there wasn't much Richard; cameras were on AC instead of covering the three of them. Like you, I love he wasn't styled but his humble self and not a show off. Thx for sharing with us :)

    1. Hola Summer,

      It was wonderful to see him again, truly was, even if from a little afar this time. We were in 4th row I think - a bit of a blur in some ways. I didn't know how much or how little all of you were seeing streaming, I'm sorry that the focus was on AC. I mainly watched Richard watching - more than what was on screen. I wish there had been more interaction with the actors at all locations, than showing us the vlog that they released to the public soon after. I guess that's why I don't work in PR, I fail to understand it sometimes. Glad we all shared the moment worldwide in some way though

      You are very welcome. I thought I would keep it short this time, so much about the event in the Interwebs and fan sites already - seems a bit of overkill for me to say more really- though of course, there is more, always. Curbing my temptation to comment further is a daily struggle. LOL

    2. I was expecting something like the Q&A in Sydney. It would have been nice having more interaction with the audience, maybe next year? To be honest just having the opportunity of seeing Richard in person would be more than enough for me :)
      If you get tempted and feel like sharing more I will gladly be one of your blog readers ;)


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