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New Interview with Dean O'Gorman: The AU Interview at Supanova 2013

Dean O'Gorman has given another interesting interview for an Australian online site, I think it gives a bit of insight into what not just Dean but the entire dwarf cast and their leader have been experiencing since the premiere of AUJ.  Dean is always thoughtful with his answers and always modest. 

Here are a few excerpts I found interesting and a link to the entire interview below. 

Okay, so obviously, The Hobbit has been doing amazing things…one of those things being giving you the opportunity to travel and attend events like Supanova. Have you had time to reflect on it all?

No, not at all!

Do you think it’d be a scary thing if you did? Overwhelming?

I don’t really think I could ever really get a perspective on it, because I’ve got such a different way of looking at this, because I’ve been so involved in the process. At things like premieres and, to a lesser extent, things like the conventions, I experience the reach that these films have. I don’t know, I don’t really think about it because it’s not really a lot of point in thinking about it, you know? People that weren’t doing the film would tell me lots of their opinions on what this was going to do, or what this meant, but nobody really knows until things happen or not. I don’t really think about it because I don’t feel like I can think about it with any kind of objectivity.

Was it one of those things where, once taking on a job like this, everything else and any further project need to be brought into mind and perspective? Does it cut the amount of time you have to get involved in other projects?

I have been…we only finished shooting in August and we did have some hiatuses, but I was shooting for a TV show on those hiatuses, so I really have been fortunate to be really busy. It does mean other things, even just general life things… I’ve been living out of a suitcase so I do feel quite discombobulated. You know, over the next few months or whatever, things will settle back down to relative normality and I can get on…If anything, the experience has shown me that you just never know where your life’s going to go, you know? I guess actors are more prone to that, because you can get a job out of the blue so quickly and it changes things, but it’s a really good example for me. In the next few years…who knows where I’ll be or what to expect, really.
(He was asked about being one of the "Hot Dwarves")

[Laughs] No! I can just bask in the glory of Aidan’s handsomeness! I don’t know, what people find attractive and what people don’t…That’s the thing with The Hobbit, like The Lord of the Rings, some people approach it from ‘the world’, from the Tolkien world, so they like 'characters' from within that world. I don’t necessarily think it’s about me, I think it’s about how they perceive the character and how attractive that character is to them. I look a bit different too…well, I’d like to think that I look a bit different! But yeah, I don’t know…

I’m going to be mentioning in this write up, ‘As he shrugged casually…’

Ah yeah, "He shrugs…", I mean it all became relative too, because the other dwarves had hardly been hit with the handsome stick, had they? Apart from Richard Armitage, I don’t really think I had a fierce comparison with, like...Gloin! [Laughs] Although in the Dwarven world, ironically, Fili and Kili would be seen as having to grow into their looks. The hairier and wrinklier they are, the more they’re expected. I mean, Dwarvish women, according to that world, have beards and that’s considered pretty hot!

To read the entire interview click on the link below:

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  1. Dwarvish ladies have beards??? Oh, my, and then you go and ask why us Elves don't really like them pesky little dwarves and hobbitses much :)

    1. Oh my dear Elven friend - if only you would appreciate hair, and lots of it, as we dwarves do ;)

  2. I really loved this. I loved how he said he didn't think about a lot of things. This is a message fans need to hear, but it's also so refreshingly honest. Good for him. Thanks for the summary.

    1. Welcome. I hope if anyone wanders in here, that they read the full interview as well :)


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