Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Anglophile Channel Wants Your Questions for Richard Armitage

Looks like The Anglophile Channel is fairly confident they will be going to New York at the end of this month to interview 
Richard Armitage

 "Now, what would you like us to ask Mr. Armitage? You can email your questions to: We won't be able to get to ALL your questions, of course...but we will try to get to a few. Thanks again to ALL of you, for being a part of The Anglophile Channel and making this event so exciting! Now lets alert the ARMY"

To read more go to their Facebook or Twitter or the link below:


  1. If Train A leaves the station at 4:20PM travelling at 55mph and Train B leaves the same station at 5:15PM travelling at 62mph when will Train B overtake Train A?

    1. I haven't the slightest idea, I was never very good with story problems or with math. You're on your own.

    2. Lol! I suck at husband does Trig for fun so we balance each other.

    3. That's nice - you're both lucky! I'm just lucky there are train schedules out there :) :)

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