Monday, May 4, 2015

Lucas Comes Back ----Maybe

How many times have I said, and thought, that we only saw a hand, and was it even Lucas' hand?

Now there is hope:

"Then there is Richard Armitage who has gone on to do so well…” When asked if he is likely to come back, the response was rather tantalisingly ambiguous. “Well, we just saw a hand didn’t we? Who knows? He’s doing so incredibly well and he’s got lots of things lined up. So yes, I can see some actors stepping back into it further down the line..."

Film and TV Now Interview: ‘Spooks: The Greater Good’ Director Talks Character Revivals, Kit Harington & Sequels

Great mentions of Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks movie reviews:

Richard Armitage (Robin Hood, The Hobbit, Strike Back, Into the Storm) gets his own separate mention because he’s Richard Armitage, who makes everything awesome when he turns up. This is particularly true when he’s playing Adam’s successor, Lucas North, who was possibly Spooks‘ most complicated character and gave the show a shot in the arm when he was hired in series seven. If your show can go from Matthew Macfadyen to Rupert Penry-Jones to Richard Armitage, you are doing something very right. via @EW

and when we see Lucas again, let it redeem Season/Series 9:

From VODzilla:

 Season 9, Episode 7/8
Richard Armitage’s twisty back-story became even more twisty in this almost laughable two-parter, which revealed that Lucas wasn’t Lucas at all: instead, he was an imposter who killed Lucas and stole his identity. It’s to Armitage’s credit that he sold the stupidity, right up to a final rooftop showdown with Harry. The appearance of Game of Thrones’ Jorah Mormont was a bonus.

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  1. The writers let the door open for a come back, then...This is good praise for Spooks, all in all, and of course our man. Nicola Walker said in the DVD commentary that he struggled to play JB, in the last episodes. I loved her empathetic words.
    If another character has to return, Ros would be my choice. After all, we didn't see a body either. ;)


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