Friday, May 1, 2015

Sean Bean DVD Collection - The Royal Collection

Great DVD Cover Art

Looks to me like Boromir and Smaug

I think this is a good idea, a good way to introduce Sean's work to new fans.  

I own the DVD's for Age of Heroes and Cleanskin. I agree with putting those two movies together.  In both Sean plays a tough man who has spent his life, and risked his life, working "For England James".

I don't understand why they picked the third selection, The Lost Future. I will admit, it's not one of my favorites, though I've seen it.  I would have picked Outlaw as a better fit with the other two:

(maybe all three films from same studio or distributor?)

The best thing about having The Lost Future as part of the DVD collection is the cover art.  

See link below for more on the Sean Bean Royal Collection DVD:

(Thanks to for the DVD information) 


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