Monday, May 18, 2020

The Answer to My Question - The Chekhov Collection of Short Stories- Richard Armitage

Chekhov's Short Stories - that was Richard's Answer to 
My Question

And wonder of wonders we will have them to listen to in June.

From Audible of course


I feel a bit special about this audiobook because it was the answer to my question. 💗

Though I realize when he gave this as his answer he and Audible must have been planning it or at least talking about it at that time.

I'm particularly looking forward to this:

"Richard, whose interest in the work of Chekhov was sparked by his appearance as Astrov in a stage production of Uncle Vanya, also introduces the collection with a brief overview of each of the stories and his thoughts on why Chekhov’s short stories are not to be missed.  "


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Fabo! I'm going to blog your link here so others will see it. Cheers!


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