Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Audiobook Challenge 2021 - January Audiobook


My Audiobook for January is Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, narrated by Scott Brick

My Audiobook Challenge for 2021 is again from Listening Books in the UK.  The challenge this year is a bit different. There is no monthly challenge, but rather 10 CHALLENGES and 5 TURBO CHALLENGES that we have a year to complete, in any order.  Also one book can count for both a challenge and a turbo challenge if it happens to qualify.

So the challenge I'm checking off for January with Erik Larson's book is:


I just started listening to the book and enjoying that the pace is very much like a great mystery thriller, though in this case non-fiction.  And though it takes place in Chicago, I was happy to find there is an architectural connection to my Metro area.

I really should visit downtown Chicago one day post-pandemic. I've been to suburban Chicago three times in my life for work meetings, all three at hotels near O'Hare Airport. But I can't really say I've seen Chicago.


To find out more about the Listening Books Audiobook Challenge 2021 go to the link below:


I'm also reading/listening to this book for a True Crime Book Club I just joined thanks to the encouragement of my friend Fanny. One positive thing about this pandemic time is that we can experience events beyond our own geographic area thanks to many of them having moved to virtual offerings (mostly via Zoom).  

Some of my Audible Stats for 2020

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