Friday, January 1, 2021

Stages of Retirement - Organizing My Days - New Task



I was talking to a friend who has been retired for a while now about some "time structure issues"  I have encountered so far.  She said she had the same experience and the way she manages this is by creating a "To Do" list, a schedule for the day, every morning.  And she completes the list each day even if she has to finish that last task in the evening.   

After our conversation I thought a list, daily or weekly, might be a good thing for me to start in the new year.

I should explain that the "time structure issue" doesn't mean not enjoying the flexibility of time to do what you want, when you want, in retirement.  What I mean is finding, especially now in COVID Lockdown, a feeling of being a bit adrift some weeks. 

Of course right now there's the additional issue that even going to a coffee shop or library or community center to see other humans for distraction/interaction is not a possibility.  

Now the problem with me taking the daily "To Do" list route is that I'm a Type B/D personality.  Having a "To Do" list and a schedule that ruled my life Monday through Friday was something I was happy to leave behind now in retirement.  I enjoyed my freedom from schedules on the weekends, but now that every day is a "weekend" I'm missing a little structure.

So that's were I am today, pondering what sort of list I should start.

I have to build some flexibility in my structure, and structure in my flexibility.

I don't want a list that restricts me from being spontaneous, to walk in a nearby park because I see it's a warm day in winter, even if my list says today I'm organizing my closets. Maybe a weekly "To Do" is more my style than daily.  

I do have some big life and financial "To Do's" I need to resolve early in the new year that are overdue.  Those tasks are easy to put at the top of my lists this month, but what then for the rest of winter?  

I'm aware that having free time is a luxury.  I'm grateful for my retirement.  But I'm also aging, with the worries of staying active mentally and physically for as long as I can.

I'll report back in a future post on how it's going.  


  1. I’m glad you have our weekly bookclub as part of your schedule and I get to see you now once a week!!. I think you can find other virtual activities like guided mediation or tai-chi that gives, if only minor, some sort of routine to break up your week of leisure time. Have you checked your library’s website?

    1. Hi my friend. Yes, I'm so happy to have the weekly book club, or clubs now, and especially to see you every week is a treat. It does make an enormous difference, it truly does. Looking forward to more. I have looked at my local libraries, before I retired when the book clubs were not virtual. Looks like many or most are guided by volunteers and the libraries offer them the meeting place. Some have gone virtual now. Several of the club themes I'm not really that interested in. But there is a Mystery one I might join this year! I had planned to sign up for a senior tai-chi class in local senior center before lockdown. I tuned in to a zoom tai-chi (senior) one a few months ago, but I got lost halfway through the first class. LOL. But you've encouraged me to try the class again. All good advice Fanny, I'll look at my local libraries again.


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