Saturday, August 7, 2021

Memories of Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne - BBC America Days - And RA Birthday Auction - #RA50Auctions


The first time I saw Richard Armitage was as John Thornton in North & South back in 2005.  My local PBS TV station was one of the few that aired North & South in the US back then.

The second time I saw Richard Armitage was in 2006 (I think, or 2007?) when I saw him as Guy of Gisborne in BBC's (BBC America) Robin Hood.  

At the time I didn't know much if anything of Richard as a person, other than I liked him as an actor and I thought, and still think, he's the most beautiful man I've ever seen.  (I had bought the DVD of The Impressionists from a UK TV Show DVD catalog, but hadn't watched it yet.)  

What made me truly fall for this man Richard Armitage was an interview he gave on BBC America to publicize Robin Hood, I think for Season 2.  The interview is what drew me to seek out more about this man, beyond John Thornton and Guy of Gisborne.  And I've been a fan (well wisher!) of Richard Armitage ever since.  

Below is a link to the interview.  I'm reluctant to post the video because they seem to "disappear" when I post videos on my blog.

Still one of my favorite RA interviews.

Another favorite RA interview is also connected to his role of Guy of Gisborne (Series 3), and also Lucas North (Spooks)  He was filming both shows almost at the same time.  It can be found on RA Frenzy's channel on You Tube (interview from 2009).

So this brings me to Richard's 50th Birthday Auction organized by RA Super Fan Guylty Pleasure.  See link below to her blog for more information and follow the blog in the next few weeks for all the details.

The most amazing has happened.  The man himself has donated Guy of Gisborne's iconic black leather jacket from Season 1 and 2 for his birthday auction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to benefit LOROS.


I wish I had the funds to bid for this legendary leather jacket.

I will confess that I'm surprise and alarmed at how many fans have mentioned wearing Guy's leather jacket if they purchase it in the auction.  HORRORS!  

If I had the money to purchase the jacket I would have a special case built to mount it on the wall and display it in my apartment.  Make sure that the case would store the leather so it would stay in good condition.  And I would certainly keep a record of the provenance of the item, as well as attach a copy to the back of the display case.  (And make provisions in my Will to go to a good Armitage fan home so my relatives don't give it away to someone that wouldn't appreciate it!).

But this is just daydreaming really.  I pray whoever has the winning bid for Guy's Iconic Leather Jacket takes good care of it.


Let us all enjoy the auction and the fandom, bid and buy many items in addition to Guy's Leather Jacket, and celebrate Armitage's Birthday this month.

Below is Richard's Tweet about the Auction:


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Fabo! And ������ on building a glass case to display the jacket in. A precious piece, indeed ��

    1. Thank you Sonja for all the work you do on the birthday auctions. This one I'm sure is even more of a challenge. Thank you to everyone who contributes items.


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