Monday, August 22, 2011

The Celebration Continues - Happy Birthday Richard Armitage!

As I write this it is Monday, August 22, 2011 in my part of the world.  Happy  40th Birthday Richard Armitage!

Richard, your Horoscope for today:

If Your Birthday Is Today

You have a fine mind and a droll sense of humor. You're highly imaginative, but also a down-to-earth realist. And you're patient. Friendships are important to you, which is why you are a loyal friend to others. Many of you work at solving mysteries or making discoveries. In the year ahead, you have an opportunity to learn something that will be important to you.

Visit the King Richard Armitage website - 
King Richard Week 2011

August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday 

Today ...
People appreciate the way you're always willing to set a positive example and inspire others to try their very best.

Your Leo Horoscope:

You are in the midst of an internal battle, although it may play out now in the realm of relationships. The radiant Sun in your generous sign encourages you to express the love that's in your heart while its opposition to spiritual Neptune dissipates the boundaries that would normally prevent you from going further. Unfortunately, your friends won't be of much help now because they'll just tell you to throw caution to the wind. Being brave is admirable, but you could regret your actions if you act foolishly


  1. Happy Armitage Day! :) I like your RIII banner.

  2. Happy Armitage Day Fabo!! Have a cracker!! I know you will!


  3. @phylly3 Thanks! Look forward to the week!

    @Scott LOL! Happy Armitage Day to you!

  4. Happy Armitage Day! (lol- i like that)

    1 more time from me- Happy Birthday/Buon Compleanno Richard- hope you have a good week since this party will be going on forever- we're such party animals- already starting work on next year's surprise-
    You gotta know by now how much you are loved, Your Majesty!!

  5. Happy Armitage day :-)

  6. What lovely horoscope readings for the birthday man. Happy Armitage Week; and vive Richard Plantagenet in memory, and very much here and now - Richard A.


  7. Such a true birthday horoscope! He inspires us all.

  8. @Jo @alfie @fitzg @darlingdarling

    I loved finding the one that said how he inspires us to do our very best. I hope he knows how true that it. A bit belated, but happy Armitage Day to all of you :)

    I think we should declare Armitage Day a worldwide holiday!


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