Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Richard Armitage Talks about Richard III - King Richard Week 2011

A historical drama series about the life and times of Richard III? The real story. Sounds like a wonderful idea doesn't it? All lovers of historical drama, or good television, would love this series. So why is it such a long and winding road from the idea, to the script, to the actual production? 

In several interviews in the last few years Richard Armitage has talked about his desire to play Richard III and his interest and work in a television series or film that would explore all facets of the man and the king.  The video below is an attempt to bring together some of what Armitage has said about Richard III through clips from some of his television and radio interviews. 

Instead of another remake based on a remake of an old  and not missed television series, why not a  sweeping historical drama about the true story of the last Plantagenet King of England!

Please come back  and visit again later this week for more about Richard III and Richard Armitage as part of 
King Richard Week.

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Richard Armitage is turning 40!
What to get the man who insists he already has everything?
More work for our favorite workaholic.
Since watching his acting gives us so much delicious fantasy fulfillment, we thought we’d turn the tables with a fantasy present: the job that he’s most repeatedly expressed interest in doing — a retelling of the Richard III story.
We’re not agents or producers, and we can’t finance this project or cast him in it or write the scripts, so we’re doing the next best thing: a week of background, context, musings, and jokes about why we’re dying to see “our” Richard play “that” Richard.
Want to share the fantasy more actively? Sign the manifesto:
We hope you enjoy the week!


  1. That video is a super compilation of interviews about RIII. Great job!

  2. Excellent research! Well done and I love how it will spread the word via YouTube about this project. You rock. :)

  3. Ive put a direct link to your post here (Robin Hood Series 3):


    Hope that's OK. If not, let me know and I'll remove it.

  4. Wonderful video, Fabolaktuko. Can anyone resist this appeal to film "Richard III"? - I most definitely can't.
    I am much too curious what RA has in mind and plans to do. Good that you can't see me hopping on my chair out of curiosity ;o)
    Can't wait to see Richard III and even when the plans go through the film must still be made... (Good that I am patient ;o) hop, hop, hop, ....

  5. Thank you very much, Fabo, for you great compilation!

  6. Love this week Fabo!!

    Richard is very lucky to have you!!

    I am looking forward to the nest post that is for sure!

  7. Hello All! Thank you for your great comments.

    @Phylly3 and @PoliCBA I'm so glad you liked the video and thought it showed RA's great interest in Richard III and a TV series or film.

    @Phylly3 Looking forward to your post this week!

    @robin hood Thank you so much for putting a link to my post on your blog!

    @CDoart and @darling darling Thank you both for the King Richard Armitage website and including me in King Richard Week!

    @Scott Lawlor I hope Richard reads your comment and realizes how lucky he is to have me :) Thank you for your support, much appreciated.


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