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Voices VII - More Middle-Earth Dwarves: Jed Brophy (Nori), Mark Hadlow (Dori) and John Callen (Oin)...and Thorin (Richard Armitage) of Course

Continuing my series on actor's Voices and also my hope of finding examples of work by The Hobbit cast, especially those that I don't know well, in this post I'm featuring three Kiwi's:  Jed Brophy, Mark Hadlow, and John Callen.

Jed Brophy:

I had read that Jed Brophy had been in the Lord of the Rings films, and I wondered who he had played since I didn't remember his face.  But doing a bit more research, now I know why:

Jed Brophy as Sharku in The Lord of The Rings 

He played two roles in The Lord of the Rings movies, Sharku and Snaga.  In case you are wondering, Snaga is just as "lovely" as Sharku.   He is one of a group of  New Zealand actors that seem to be part of Peter Jackson's regular "repertory acting company", having also worked on King Kong and District 9 and now as Nori in The Hobbit. 

I found many video clips of Brophy in what seems to be a cult horror film, Dead Alive (1992), but the film is not quite one I want to see, though I could tell from the clips there is some black humor and not just horror involved.  

I did find this interesting interview of Brophy talking about his roles in the LOTR films and about the LOTR fan conventions:

Mark Hadlow:

We've seen Mark Hadlow now in The Hobbit video blogs and in interviews about the films, and he comes across as a very good natured man.  He's also one of Peter Jackson's "acting repertory company"  of  New Zealand actors having played the role of Harry in King Kong.  His bio describes him as an actor and comedian and in addition to his many movie and television roles, he has a distinguished career in the theater.  He's been actor, producer, director, for many plays in Christchurch's Court Theatre  (founded 1971).  

In The Hobbit, Mark Hadlow plays the dwarf Dori (brother of  Nori).  The question I couldn't find an answer for is why does he wear a naval uniform in many of the interviews for The Hobbit? 

Below is a dramatic turn for Hadlow performing the famous soliloquy from Macbeth, "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow".  He has quite a commanding voice, though not particularly deep, and his interpretation is a quite energetic Macbeth. 

John Callen:

An award winning actor and director, New Zealand's John Callen has performed in over 100 theater plays. He's also acted in and directed many television shows in New Zealand.  In addition he's a noted voiceover artist.  His Shakespearean repertoire includes Macbeth, Claudius, Shylock and Polonius.  In The Hobbit he plays Oin. 

Below is a voiceover narration he did for the World Petroleum Congress in Madrid (2008),  Resources of the Past: Dutch Contribution in the Petroleum Industry. He has the deep voice with the resonance of  a stage and Shakespearean actor. I'm looking forward to his creation of Oin:


WPC2008 part 1: Resources of the past from Asteroids on Vimeo.

A bonus video of John Callen and Mark Hadlow talking about the Auckland Theatre Company's production,  "Who Needs Sleep Anyway?"

King Under the Mountain:

I couldn't feature Dori, Nori, and Oin without their leader Thorin now, could I?  

Richard Armitage reading another poem as only he can, "Memories of the Mine" by Roger Woddis (1917-1993) from BBC Radio's A War Less Ordinary (2007):

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The Hobbit film star:

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  1. It is beginning to become one of my most needed films now!! Bring on the Hobbit!!

    Thanks for this awesome post Fabo

  2. Callen could pass as a Santa Clause as well if they kick him out of the dwarf's guild :)

  3. @Custard I second that! Can't believe we have to wait until 2012 for The Hobbit.

    Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  4. @Dezmond Hi Dezz! He does with that beard- LOL Maybe PJ can make the definitive Santa Claus film with the cast of The Hobbit...good idea there my friend.

  5. Great video of RA reciting this poem! Are there any more poems he has read.(question mark not working...)

  6. @phylly3 Hi there! Yes, what a marvelous voice, he could read every poem in the world as far as I'm concerned :)

    Yes, there are more from BBC radio plays or words and music. I think RAnet and RACentral have them, but I've been making slides shows for my Voices post- LOL


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