Sunday, October 2, 2011

King Richard Armitage Website Special Fan-Art Event for October

Calling All Artists

King Richard Armitage Website and all of us participating bloggers are celebrating Richard III of England's birthday this October by launching a Fan-Art Event and a Fan-Art Page on the Website.

The fan art form and format that you create is up to you, video, paintings, sculpture, all is art and much more. What is art has had different definitions throughout time, but I like the descriptions on the Everyday Art website for a class discussion of the question. If interested, you can find the page HERE.

Britannica Online describes art as: -- "the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others"  

A living work of art, for example:

Of course, the art work you submit must have a connection to Richard Armitage and  Richard III.

Below are the details from the King Richard Armitage website. Please note the great offers to artists that submit their work during the month of October:

Fan-Art Event (October 2011):

What we have to offer to those brave participants:

* a presentation of the fan-art (form is open and up to you) on the KingRichardArmitage-Website

* promotion on participating blogs

* an interview with you (if you like),

* an analysis of the fan-art (if you like) from Servetus on Me+RichardArmitage.

Only condition:

Topic must be related to Richard Armitage and Richard III in some way.

For more details about the Fan-Art Event and King Richard III's Birthday go to the website:

Don't Miss right hand sidebar! Richard Armitage on the cover of Cine Premiere October 2011 Issue!

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