Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Accused Trailer - Sean Bean - BBC Drama Fall Season

“So why has Sean made this massive departure from his brilliant action heroes? Roles such as Alec Trevelyan, James Bond’s nemesis in Golden Eye, Boromir in The Lord Of The Rings; and the iconic Richard Sharpe are embedded as rock solid favourites. And, earlier this year when Sean’s Eddard Stark was beheaded in Game Of Thrones, a major twitter and online outcry came from fans. Boycotts of the next series were threatened.”  See link for entire interview:

Trailer for the Accused. Sean Bean will be in the first episode of the series this season  (airs on BBC One August 14):

Thanks to The Mighty Bean for link to trailer.

Happy Yorkshire Day!

August 1


  1. Sean Bean also took part in the 1st episode of Missing. Loved him, the TVshow not so much!

  2. That new show looks interesting. I am wondering what's with the cross dressing of course. LOL
    Happy Yorkshire Day to you to! I've never heard of it but it sounds like something I'd like to celebrate. In fact, I will just make myself a nice cup of Yorkshire tea!

  3. @teiteiforever Missing was OK but not great. But I missed seeing Bean on US TV every week. That was fun

    @phylly3 From all interviews SB was surprised to be asked to play such a different role for him. I understand Yorkshire Day started as a way to highlight the culture and art of the region, I think Bean qualifies as part of that :)


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