Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who is the Sweatiest? Guy or Thorin?

One question no one has asked Richard Armitage in recent interviews is, who is the sweatiest? Guy of Gisborne or Thorin Oakenshield?

We do know about Guy and his Ice Packs:

But no one knows how many Ice Packs for Thorin?

Thorin looks like a 1,000 Ice Packs a day job to me. 

Richard, now that we know there will be a third film, you'll need more Ice Packs. I have Ice Packs, will travel.

Call Me!

Thanks to RichardArmitagenet.com for photos and icepackcooler.com


  1. Guy is the sweetiest! But if Thorin needs ice... Call me,maybe :D

  2. You're on my Ice Pack Assistant call list, second after Herba :)

  3. Well now, Fabo, isn't this a romantic topic - Who is the sweatiest? haha ;D

    Judging from Richard's remarks alone, I'd wager his answer would be Thorin. He reiterated "sweaty, smelly dwarves" in a single interview.

    When you consider RA is currently in Detroit area where the temps are no doubt hovering about 90degrees with high humidity, must ask ourselves if the dear man will ever get any relief from heat.

    Wouldn't be surprised if he dreams every night of gliding down the crisp cold ski slope he mentioned a couple yrs ago. Believe it's located somewhere in France.

  4. Hi there Ricrar! You don't think being sweaty is romantic? Doesn't the idea of sweaty dwarf make your heart sing? LOL

    Lets hope someone in Detroit around the location shooting is taking photos. I do feel for him since we're also hot, hazy, and humid here.

    Does RA ever take a vacation?


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