Friday, August 17, 2012

Sharpe's Sword: My Favorite Episode on Sharpe Sundays August 19

Sharpe's Sword 

Sharpe and the Chosen Men come upon a French patrol and take their captain prisoner. It seems the patrol was led by a colonel in the Imperial Guard that was killed in the fight.  Sharpe finds suspicious papers on the French captain, and suspects he may really be the colonel. He gives the papers to “resident scholar" Rifleman Harris to decipher.  

As they are ready to go back to camp a frightened young woman comes out from the trees and throws herself on Sharpe.  Seems she’s a novice that escaped when the French patrol attacked a carriage with a priest and several nuns. The priest and nuns were killed. The French wanted information from the priest because he knew the identity of El Mirador, Wellington’s top spy.  

Back in camp Sharpe meets a charming new friend, Captain Jack Spears, and an old enemy, Henry Simmerson.  This is an episode about trust, friendship, and love.  Who is the French captain really?  Who is El Mirador? Who is Candide? Who can Sharpe trust?

James Purefoy as Jack Spears

Jason Salkey, Sean Bean, Richard Rutherford Moore John Tams

Sharpe's Sword is my favorite episode and also my favorite book of Cornwell's Sharpe series. They are substantially different, the book and the series episode, but they have the same underlying theme: 

The meaning and the power of friendship 

The series episode also has Sean Bean saying "Lass" all the time. Makes me swoon every time.

Emily Mortimer and Sean Bean

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  1. Also like this episode a lot!!


  2. One of the best. Sorry I missed Sharpe Sundays and watching together with all of you :(


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