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Richard Armitage: What's in a Face? Part 1

Richard Armitage: What’s in a Face?  Part 1
(This is Part 1 of a two part post. Part 2:  That Profile! will be posted on Wednesday. Scroll below to read what several fans have to say about their favorite photos of RA)

“I think I’ve got an odd face. I always want to look like somebody else.”  Richard Armitage, Daily Mail Weekend Magazine, September 9, 2006

His face is not of perfect symmetry and classical proportions, yet it is a most beautiful and expressive face.  The beauty of his face is a reflection of his intelligence and his soul.

The  “odd” elements of his face - a big and long nose, overly large and deep eyes, thin yet bow shaped lips- transform his face from handsome to beautiful. 

 From a very young man his face was always strong.  

Yet, there are times when his face can look boyishly adorable.

He knows well how to use the emotions and expressions of his face as an instrument of his acting.  In a flash of a second on screen, with the raising of an eyebrow, a flicker of an eyelash, a sliver of a smile, his face can show an amazing range of emotions: tenderness, pain, anger, regret, joy and passion.

*All photos and caps thanks to

So why do we love Richard Armitage’s face?  

Below are favorite photos from fellow fans and more reasons why we love the wonderful face and profile of this talented man:   

The Profile: 

From Bccmee:

This is my absolute favorite profile picture because it's John Porter who is the most gorgeous creature I've ever seen.  Also this scene conveys so much emotion.  The character is just starting his downfall and he is paying tribute to his mates at their memorial.  It's so sad but beautiful.

From RAFrenzy:

I've never seen an actor utilize so many parts of his body so well, and I can't remember a single actor who uses his jaw as Richard Armitage does.  But then I've never been so enamored with anyone's jawline.   In this scene, he dominates and also toys with Marian by his voice and the prominent use of his jaw.

That Face:

From Phylly3:

I love pictures of Richard which emphasize his eyes!  As I have pointed out many times, I believe them to be his best feature. (But of course, we enjoy the whole package).  I guess as Gisborne the guy liner serves to emphasize them, so that they are irresistibly beautiful!  Only because of his manliness,  it does not make him a "pretty boy", as it would so many others.

From AnnieVickery:

The look, the leather...all Guy of Gisborne

This one depicts how I felt about Lucas in S9 Spooks. I thought it suited Lucas very well...tragically

From WFrederickson:

 I like the bright, sweet smile. This picture just makes me feel happy.

I like it because it is Richard being himself, doing what everyone does-- eat. And I teach a Foods class and we make good food to eat, and food should be enjoyed with friends and good company. I sent a copy of this to Richard and he autographed it for me and drew a face too. That man is so down to earth and a true darling.

In Black and White and In Color:

From Jonia:

I like it because of his eyes here. And there You can see light inside person, he emits some kind of good aura. And this photo is on my top every things connected with Richard. This is really amazing photo. Even if is black/white is very natural.

My first crush was on his nose, because this nose is wonderful and very manly. And mostly we can recognise him on photos thanks to this nose. And I'm very happy that he hasn't will to change his nose. He has very elegant shape of face. Long faces are very photogenic. He hasn't symmetrical eyes. But this is very interesting. One of his eyes..left eye has shape of dragon, is bigger. Right has shape of probably tiger. But mostly some very interesting twinkle on photos is in left eye. He hasn't small lips. Really! They are wide. But not, absolutely not small. They don't look of course like from some kiss-machine-dude. But they have really beautiful color. I have crush on his eyebrows... wide and they look like eyebrows of male, not some metro dude. But on face what we have, we have to work inside us. So if not some inside light he probably will be like other actors, hunky but nothing more. But He isn't. He is different. And that's why I like him very much. :)

From AnnieVickery

All the characters I love, Guy, Lucas, Harry are in this face and those eyes.

My special thanks to my contributors and fellow Richard Armitage fans


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That profile! Then and Now?


  1. *Sigh*
    Those are some great pictures! :)

  2. Lovely post. I like his smile and his profile from certain angles. His eyes interest me as they keep changing colour ... I thought they were grey but at times they appear blue. I believe it has something to do with the colour of the clothes he wears?

  3. Ok, great pictures of a drop dead gorgeous man...Monday, how I love you so!

  4. I enjoyed the selection of pics on show here. However, the kiss from North and South is not just sublime as kisses go, but it's the perfect showcase for the whole profile, the eyelashes, nose, lips, jaw, sexy stubble, adorable mole and that long neck!

  5. I adore his face in every way, but it's the eyes that capture me. Not only for their color, but because they convey such depth. You can sometimes see a hint of mischeif there, or a naughty little gleam. I love to watch him in interviews, seeing the different emotions that flicker in his eyes. It's a delight to witness!

  6. It was very enlightening to get so many opinions on one actor. There are probably as many opinions as there are fans! Great post!

  7. That was a fantastic way to kick of the RA-ganza! There is so much going on behind those eyes and that smile...
    btw...first time visit to your blog...I'll be back!

  8. Gorgeous pictures! In my eyes he's the picture of perfection! Thank you all for sharing your favourites!

  9. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and for visiting my blog!

    More FanstRAvaganza to come :)


  10. *Siiiiiiigh* He is a gorgeous man, no two ways about it. Phylly3's pic is my all time favorite. Had I seen the call for pictures I would have sent in mine - one from S3 Robin Hood. I'm sure you can guess which one it is (hint: he's STUNNING).

  11. Sigh and swoon. Your post was so eloquent, and so were the comments of your contributors. Just so lovely.

    I bask in the loveliness.

    Thanks! (and :waves hello:)

  12. Beautiful -- great idea for a post. I think what I like about his face is that despite its strong recognizability (marked features, e.g.) it still can "be" so many different men. This is impressive.

  13. Hello All - thank you so much for your lovely and interesting comments! I agree with so much you all have to say - but it's also been so interesting to see the many and varied thoughts about Richard's gorgeous face. We are a diverse group, as he says himself, but that makes it so very interesting to share our thoughts and feelings about RA! Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  14. @judiang - I may do this again in the future, who knows :) I'll make sure to get that stunning Guy pic from you first thing! (He was stunning in S3).

  15. Beautiful post! (I'm still catching up from being away during the FanstRA)!
    I never tire of gazing at his face and it is wonderful to read everyone else's opinions of their favourite pictures of him! Thanks!


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