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Valentina Meets Richard Armitage: The Crucible Stage Door - Guest Post - Part 1


First of all, I must thank Fabo for hosting me on her blog.

Where do I start??????? I imagined this moment so many times..when I first saw him in person in December at the Waterstones Piccadilly Q&A, I was so so excited that I couldn't say a word when I was standing in front of him waiting for my autograph! I wanted my second chance, although there's never time to actually “talk”... unless you are so lucky to bump into him in the street. When I heard about The Crucible I was thrilled! How lucky I am to be here in London !! I soon bought my ticket, I'm attending the show next Friday...I can't wait ! I have always dreamt of seeing him on stage since I started following him...I always thought he would be amazing! 

When did I start following him? In January 2013...

I didn't want to watch The Hobbit because I was scared it wouldn't be good, being a huge fan of the LOTR trilogy. In January 2013 I found news about the movie everywhere, and at last I decided I wanted to know more about it.. so I watched the trailers and I decided to watch it (all the movies in Italy are dubbed in Italian...). I loved the movie since the first scenes...then Thorin knocked at the door...and my life was ruined! :) and I didn't even hear his original voice!

After watching the movie I wanted to know everything about the actor who played Thorin Oakenshield...I was shocked when I googled his name ! So I started following him and I soon “fell in love” with him as probably all of you!

I was bit disappointed after The Hobbit Q&A in Waterstones because I couldn't talk to him. Furthermore, I missed him at the Empire Awards as I didn't know he would attend the show...I wish I would have seen him with that ponytail..he looked gorgeous!

I was determined to meet him again and shake his hand or take a picture with him. So yesterday I had my chance: I wanted to go to the theatre and see if I could see him at the famous “stage door”, but being very shy and not used to doing this kind of things, I didn't want to go on my own.

I asked on Twitter and Facebook if anyone was going to the Old Vic but nobody answered me, which was a bit surprising to be honest. I thought many fans would go there hoping to meet Richard.
I was going to give up, I wouldn't stand there on my own like an idiot...but eventually an RA fan answered me on Facebook and we decided to meet up!

I wanted to go at 4:00pm, as my lovely friend Marie suggested, and she was right. I'm sure Richard arrived around that time. My friend and I met at Waterloo Station at 4:30pm, we had a cold drink as it was really hot..I wonder why????!!! ;) then we went to the stage door and found only some photo sellers and two girls, who were waiting for Richard. So we started chatting and was 5:00pm.

Some actors in the cast went outside several times to smoke or have a coffee, but Richard never showed up. But we knew they were doing rehearsals in a big room on the third floor (if I am not mistaken). Through the windows I could see the stairs and the rehearsal room (or changing room) door, we saw some of the actors going up and down with their costumes.. no sign of Richard.

There was a lovely girl,who has met Richard a couple of times already (he even recognised her!!), that got some cupcakes for Richard, so he probably knew some fans were waiting for him outside,and the other actors were looking at us and smiling through the windows.

The time flew by and it was 7:30pm. The show started and the doorman told us that nobody would come out of the stage door until 23.15(11:15pm) !!!!!!! I didn't really believe him, I thought he wanted to get rid of us.. afterwords  I realised he was right!

Continued on Part 2

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