Sunday, June 22, 2014

Valentina Meets Richard Armitage: The Crucible Stage Door - Guest Post - Part 2

Photo by Valentina 

Meeting Richard - Part 2

We decided to have dinner somewhere and rest. At 9.30pm we went back to the theatre but nobody was there, except the three of us and the photo sellers. No cars, taxis, drivers.. so the door man was right, the show was going on.

The sun set and we were now freezing .. but we NEVER left that door. I was getting really nervous. I had to think about what to say to him this time, I didn't bring anything to sign. I just wanted to shake his  hand and take a picture..and possibly TOUCH him..just to make sure he is real! :)

Time went by really slowly from 9:30pm to 11pm. I was freezing cold, my back was aching, but I was going to finally  meet Richard! The security man arrived and I heard “last 5 minutes”... oh my God! There we are! It's over!

We made a queue..and my friends and I were the first. We saw Richard and the other actors leaving the stage, he was wearing a white tattered heart skipped a beat.. he was really there!!!!!!!!

I started getting REALLY nervous. After a while, the actors started to come out and leave the theatre. I felt a bit embarrassed because nobody stopped them and they saw the long queue of Richard Armitage fans along the wall.

I didn't know them, maybe after seeing the show later this month I will talk to the rest of the cast. One after the other, they were leaving...every time the security guard opened that door, we thought it might be him and stopped breathing.

Then he finally appeared at the door... wow he was breathtaking!

I told my friend to go first because I was freaking out! He came out towards us with the sweetest smile on his face. My friend got him a Hobbit poster to sign and then I don't really know what happened, I only remember I asked him if we could take a photo. I failed to shake his hand but I hugged him as much as I could, as he was wearing his rucksack.

I decided to take a selfie and he said “ah! Ok!” :) So he tried to stay in the he's so tall and I'm so short! He gave me directions “ and I took it”

He put his arm around my shoulders. I felt his hot hand... he said “thank you for waiting for so long!” (more than 6 hours...)

Everything happened so quickly.I found myself behind him but with a picture of me with him blinking...NO!!!! What could I do??!! the last tube was going to leave Waterloo Station and I didn't know how to get home, because the night bus doesn't stop near my house, so I had only 15 minutes left, it was 11:45pm

My friend said I should queue again and ask for a new picture but I didn't want to bother him, how could I go there again????

She was very determined and started queing again saying to me “I'll queue for you so that you can get a proper photo”, she's lovely! I didn't want to!

Continued in Part 3

(Please do not post any of Valentina's photos without her permission)


  1. Great that you report everything to us! Really exciting and good choice to queue a 2nd time!

    1. If it wasn't for my friend I would have kept the first picture.. He was so tired but he was so kind to us.. He's just adorable!


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