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Valentina Meets Richard Armitage: The Crucible Stage Door - Guest Post - Part 3

Photo Property of Valentina 

Meeting Richard - Part 3

The time was running out.. then I found myself almost in front of him again..GOD! I asked her to say something to him in a proper English because I was thrilled to bits!

We were the last in the queue. Richard was exhausted, he had probably been there all day. He couldn't wait to go home, but he talked to us again. I remember his face when he saw me, I think he said “did you queue back again?” :D My friend asked if we could take a proper photo (she wasn't happy with hers as well) because he I showed him the photo as proof..he smiled. I don't remember what I said.. I only know he said “of course”, he was amused...

I quickly wrapped his waist like a KOALA on his tree and he put his arm on my shoulders to pose. Then he said “never blink in photos!!” and  smiled.

I smelled him twice...he smells really good. I don't know what perfume it might be. I only know that I was overwhelmed by his presence. He is a very handsome man, kind and gentle with fans. He's shy in these situations and moves dorkly... how adorable?? He is really hot, in the true sense of the word. I felt the heat and the pleasant scent his body was giving off...does this sound crazy? :P
I failed again to introduce myself and shake his hand, but there is still time.

My friend took a beautiful picture of me and Richard, and every time I look at it, I can't believe I really met him.

As I wrote on Twitter, he's so kind, he loves to see that his fans are there to support him. So if you can attend the show, go and say “hello” to him (if he does this again). I don't think that the stage door thing disturbs him, what would he think if he didn't find anyone waiting for him?

I heard the Tom Hiddleston had problems with some crazy fans and he stopped doing the stage door after the show. BUT this is Richard Armitage and The Armitage Well Wishers Army is made of educated people.

I saw a quiet and organised queue, nobody complained, he wouldn't leave until he had met everybody, even us for the second time!

He got many gifts, nice words for his performance and  looked very happy.

Ask him for a hug.. one girl said “can I hug you??” and he replied:”sure, come here!” and welcomed her into his arms... bless him!

My friend asked “how did it go?”
Richard “it wasn't too bad for the first night...” He's so humble and modest.

I will see the show next Friday, I'm literally counting the days.I can't wait! I heard great reviews about the whole show and his performance.

I hope to meet him again after the show and finally say something more, though we don't know if he'll do it again.

I wish all of you could meet him, I was so lucky to be here in London at this particular time. I couldn't imagine he would work here on stage!

When you meet him, after recovering from fainting, you realise he's a normal guy, very genuine (although I don't know him personally) he's not like the other celebrities. That's why we love him so much!

OH! I didn't mention his voice.. so deep and yet so delicate... a cuddle for your ears …..

I felt the need to tell you how I met him. We waited for him for more than six hours in the wind.. but it was worth it.

I'm sorry for my bad English..I hope I let you share this amazing experience with me !

Thank you for reading!!

Thank you so much Fabo for hosting me in your blog!!

I will write more in seven days...If I recover after seeing him shirtless on stage!!! ;P



Thank you to Valentina for trusting my blog to publish her wonderful story. It's my pleasure to do so.

Please do not post any of her photos without her permission.


  1. This was a lovely account of meeting Richard Armitage. Thanks to Valentina for sharing it with us! Hugs!

    1. Thank you for reading! It was an amazing experience! Valentina

  2. Aww, how lucky you are! I loved! Thank you for share!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I love the way you described the whole affair It was sweet and lovely. Just like our man. I am so glad you got to meet Richard and I love the photo of the two of you. ~hugs~

    1. Thank you! I still feel thrilled when I read it!

  4. Sigh! Thank you for sharing, Valentina! Enjoy the show and hopefully another stage door encounter! Wonder if he will still be up to this in 2 months ...

    1. I hope all of you will have the chance to meet him!


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