Sunday, September 7, 2014

Voices: Santiago Cabrera, Iain Glen, Blake Ritson

Another one of my occasional Voices post - this time about three favorite men all on hit TV shows right now. One Scots, one Englishman and one Latino/Brit,  You can't get any better than that.  

I try in my Voices post to highlight a moment in a clip of my subjects reading or talking or performing in an unexpected way that may already be known for fans of these actors, but may not be known by others that may only have seen them in their current TV roles.  

Santiago Cabrera

As a Latina I have to start of course with a fellow Latino. Santiago has become a heartthrob to many as Aramis in the BBC's wonderful The Musketeers series. 

Now despite the name, with a perfect British accent, some may not known that Santiago was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but considers his hometown to be Santiago, Chile.   

Both his parents are Chilean, but because his father is a diplomat he was born in Venezuela and then raised in various countries including the UK, Romania, Spain, and Canada. His parents returned to stay in Chile when Santiago was a teenager.  

After High School in Chile, Santiago returned to the UK for his drama training at the Drama Centre London.  

Since graduation he's become known for a number of roles in UK and US Television series and films before becoming Aramis, and you can read about it on his IMDB page here.

What I wanted to highlight here in Voices is Santiago in his native language, Spanish.  Here are two clips related to a Chilean film he made,  La Vida de Los Peces (2010)  (The Life of Fish in English):

 The film is about a couple that reunite again after being apart for 10 years.  She is now married, and so circumstances have changed between them.  In the interview clip, he talks about being interested in the part because in the film his character returns to Chile after being away for 10 years, and Santiago also had been away from Chile for 10 years before returning to make this film.  

The film is available on YouTube in Spanish - no English subtitles that I could find -yet.

Iain Glen

Iain Glen has had a long and stellar career on stage, screen, and television and I'm sure many new fans from Game of Thrones on HBO. 

But did you know Iain can sing?

Here he is singing during a break from his TV series Jack Taylor. 

He plays Irish detective Jack Taylor and I would love to see the series here in the US - are you reading this PBS? 

Blake Ritson

Blake plays my favorite character,  Riario, in STARZ Da Vinci's Demons.  (Yes, he's a bad guy but conflicted man, but he's my favorite character)

Blake has been familiar to viewers of Public Television here in the US for a while.  You can read about his long list of credits and stellar roles, especially in UK period dramas, on IMDB here.

He was indeed a familiar face to me when he was cast as Riario, but I confess it was this villain role that really made me take notice of him and become more interested in Ritson the actor. 

I wanted to look for something different, the "nice guy" Blake if you will, and in this clip he's reading a children's story: The Gingerbread Man

Hope you enjoy Voices

(Information for this post from YouTube, IMDB, and Wikipedia)


  1. Very interesting !!! Thank you! :)

  2. Mmm, Sr. Cabrera! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Blake is fluent in Italian :

  4. He's also done quite a bit of audiowork, LOVE that reading of the gingerbread man. It's interesting to see Santiago NOT put on the wattage charm :) I was wondering if Jack Taylor is on Netflix, that's a bit overdue!! Ian is always SO Good!

    1. Good idea, I just checked and it is on Netflix! More sleepless nights. It's on Amazon but not Prime :( I loved the unexpected in the gingerbread reading, I know Blake has done radio plays that I've wanted to listen to but no time to see and listen to it all.


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