Friday, October 28, 2016

Love, Love, Love - October 23

What a dream come true, to see Richard Armitage on stage in a play.  Part of me is still there, and not yet back to my real world.

Just some impressions of my wonderful day.

I haven't read the play. I deliberately avoided reading any review or commentary that had too many details, or spoilers. I wanted to see the play fresh as it happened.

I loved, loved, loved, the play.

This type of dark, political, social commentary, comedy fits Richard Armitage perfectly. I think it must bring joy to the comedy soul I know has always been part of the man. He masters the three ages of Kenneth with ease and charm. I especially loved the first act, Richard is at his most hilarious and lovable  as 19 year old Kenneth, And perfectly believable as 19 year old. He is excellent in this play.

The entire cast, the entire ensemble, is excellent together. I do feel that Amy Ryan's Sandra lacks charm, which may have made her character more effective in Act I (Kenneth is the center of attention and attraction in Act I), but Sandra is the terrible monster of a lover, wife, and mother in Act II and III. I also thought Alex Hurt was very good as the older brother, and our memory of him follows us to the last act.

As the kids, Zoe Kazan has the central role as the very emotional Rose, and she makes us believe her transition from confused teenage to unhappy adult. Ben Rosenfield is heartbreaking yet funny as Jamie.  I know some reviewers have said Rose is the conscience of the play, but I have a problem with her lamentations about her fate as an unhappy 36 or 37 year old. If I had been there in that scene I would have said, stop complaining Rose, and take some action to change your life, to change your career, a house won't solve your problems.

I loved, loved, loved, LOVE,LOVE,LOVE and if it moves to Broadway with Richard Armitage as Kenneth, I'll be there.

If seeing Richard on stage was not already a dream come true, we had a post performance talk that afternoon. What a gift to have Richard, Alex, and Zoe talk about their work.  This was more than a bonus, it was heaven.

I won't give any details since I know the video is out there.  Richard came very quickly, but quietly, on stage and sat on a couch that was at the front of the stage. For the first question he was there on his own, a few feet away. He looked so very "Lucas North" except for the shoes. The shoes were 100% Armitage.

It was a wonderful day in New York. A day of getting together with RA friends, and meeting new RA friends. Hope we all get a chance to do this again soon.

On a personal note, I confess I am a Baby Boomer -  a "Middle Boomer." I was still a kid in the summer of love when Kenneth and Sandra first meet each other. But I remember well 1967.


  1. �� Lucas North in Armitage's shoes.
    Thank you for sharing,Fabolaktuko!

    1. Thanks for your comment Joanna :) I still miss Lucas.


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