Saturday, February 20, 2021

Stages of Retirement: Dealing with Reality and Researching Some Housing Options


As I slowly work on decluttering, with some breaks, I also need to think and plan about housing options and short term - long term options in retirement as an "elder orphan".  

My two options in my thoughts right now are move to another apartment a bit farther away from the city for lower rent (still staying in the same general area) or move to a senior apartment (if I qualify) in my area.  Keeping in mind a possible future move to a life care or continuing care community. 

To help my decision-making I've taken part and watched several senior Zoom seminars that cover these options in part.  (You can check AARP for some of these or your city or county website).  Lots of information to ponder.  I'm happy I've pursued these information seminars; I've learned a lot about the resources out there and about some preparations I need to make.  At times though I feel a bit overwhelmed by all these decisions I have to face. 

But still, even with all these helpful options, I have more concerns.  Also I can't really discuss with anyone.  I have a couple of close friends my age that I've tried to start the conversation with, but they are facing their own dilemmas.  Slightly younger friends don't really want to discuss it at all, they are not there yet, or are facing this with their parents soon and don't want an additional burden.  My limited-distant family is no help at all in a discussion. They're happy with whatever I decide as long as they don't have to deal with taking care of me at all!

Don't get me wrong,  I'm lucky to have several trusted friends I can count on when I need help. I'm very grateful to have them.  But I feel people are reluctant to go beyond the superficial discussion in fear of giving bad advice. They also have their own burdens to deal with. 

Looking for just a new apartment is something I've done before and am starting to do again now.  Of course you can't visit any property other than virtually yet, and I'm not going to make a move until I can see the place in person.  But looking at senior housing/apartments is an entirely new adventure.

Also, am I ready for some of the restrictions of senior housing?  For someone who can be awake at 1:00am watching a TV show, am I ready for a 10:00pm TV noise curfew?  

My problem is, inside my mind I'm still 25 but my body is more like 125.

So, what is the next step for me?

1.  Keep looking at rental apartments online and then make a list of  5 buildings to look at in person when that becomes possible.  

2.  Continue research of senior apartments in my area.  Look at options that I can afford and also amenities that I prefer.  Able to live independently but have some some assistance options and social options.  Make a list of those I want to visit in person.  

3.   Of course, health situations can change rapidly.  Research life-care communities in my area and beyond.  Moving to a more affordable area may be the only option.  

Because of  COVID my goal is a decision and action when things improve in terms of visits to these places. It's looking like 2022.


I thought I would revisit the Stages of Retirement list.

Researcher Robert Atchley Stages of Retirement:

Stage 1: Planning. ...

Stage 2: Excitement. ...

Stage 3: Honeymoon. ...

Stage 4: Disenchantment. ...

Stage 5: Reorientation & Stability. ...

How am I doing?   

Somehow I skipped the Excitement stage.  But maybe I'm in the Honeymoon stage. 

 Though it may not appear so from this post. But I am enjoying wonderful discoveries in "Zoom World".  Enjoy filling part of my days and nights every week exploring my own interests, even in only a virtual world for now.  

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