Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Stages of Retirement - Update on "To Do" List and My Retirement Type?


In a previous Retirement post I wrote about a long retired friend who uses a daily "To Do" list to organize her days.  (See link below):

I wanted to update that post. After looking at various office supply sites and Amazon for notebooks and planners I finally found the one posted above.  I like that I can keep track of dates, times, goals and a "To Do" list, as well as a notes section that I use all the time.  But if I don't finish something I just move it to another day or time, except for things that have a definite deadline.  And some days I just relax and listen or read my books and catch up with podcasts on my list (I'm still behind on those) or listen to music and sit on my balcony in the afternoon to enjoy the breeze.  

But my friend is right, it does give you a "structure" in retirement that helps in some strange way.  


What is my Retirement Type?

I regularly visit  the website Sixty and Me (see link below).   They have interesting articles on navigating retirement.

Types of Retirees

Through her research, Nancy K Schlossberg, Ph.D., describes six types of retirees:

The Adventurer – Embracing a new job or activity that you have never done.

The Continuer – Doing something related to what you have done before.

The Easy glider – Emergent with no plan.

The Searcher – Figure out what is next.

The Retreater – Taking some down time.

The Involved spectator –Being involved in a specific field outside of being employed.


Right now going through several months of "pandemic retirement"  I am a combination of "The Adventurer",  "The Easy Glider" and "The Searcher".  But of course,  "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." and you never know what is around the corner.  

The "Adventurer":

I've taken up several new Zoom group/club activities, most involving my love of books, film, and art history.  I hope all these Zoom opportunities continue, but I know once we go back to more "normal" not all of them will.  I didn't have the time, and really the energy, to get involved as much before when I was working.  I've also become acquainted virtually with people that share my interests.  (Thanks in large measure to a long time friend.)  I really enjoy all these activities. 

I've also become a new "YT watcher" of Bald Eagles (Big Bear Valley) and of course our dear DC Baby Panda thanks to YouTube and the National Zoo Panda Cam.   

The National Zoo Panda Cam is not new to me, I've watched all our DC Giant Panda's (Tai Shan, Bao Bao, Bei Bei) from birth to their farewell and departure to China.  I will be so sad when Mei Xiang and Tian Tian and dear Xiao Qi Ji depart for China as well in a few years. 

I do wonder, thinking about our transition to post-pandemic life how much will have changed from our "normal" pre-pandemic life.  I really don't know if I will trust traveling again.  I think I will still use a mask on the subway, train, or plane in the future.  Will I ever feel comfortable in a crowded place again?  Right now I have my doubts.  I'm glad in retirement it will be my choice. 

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