Sunday, April 26, 2020

Another Richard Armitage Challenge! Social Distancing Edition #14

Most annoying character?

I have an old one and a new one  😊

Dr. Tom Steele in Doctors

Richard played a doctor in a UK TV series called Doctors.  

This role was before he was in North & South and like any working actor he appeared as a temporary guest  character in a number of TV series.  When I first became an Armitage fan, as you do, I searched for everything he had been in before I discovered him.  

Thanks to YouTube you can find Richard's scenes as Dr. Tom Steele.

What can I say.  Hope he forgives me for saying this doctor has the worlds worst bedside manner.  Yes, he look very handsome, but so irresponsible a character.  I have watched Richard play many different roles through the years, even several evil characters, but even those I don't find annoying. Scary yes, but not annoying.  But Steele I do.


My new most annoying character is Richard Hall (the father) in The Lodge.

The movie was playing in an AMC theater near me a while back.  Horror films are not my genre, but I couldn't pass up the chance of seeing Richard on the big screen.


I thought it was a good psychological horror. All the actors, especially the children, were very effective in their roles. 

I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but if you like psychological horror films or don't mind them, I would encourage you to see it. 

The film also has a clear warning message about fanaticism.  

I was pleasantly surprised that Armitage's role was bigger than I thought it would be, and key to what happens in the film. Yes, even when his character is not physically there on screen.

But I did find the father character, named Richard as it happens, very annoying. There were times in the movie theater that I wanted to yell at this Richard, but of course I contained myself in public. 

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