Saturday, April 18, 2020

Another Richard Armitage Challenge! Social Distancing Edition #11

Which episode did you watch more than five times?

This is more what episode haven't you watched more than five times!  

In all the years I've been an Armitage fan I've watched most of my favorite RA series at least five times I would say, counting also The Hobbit trilogy.  Not all at one sitting, but through the years.  I mean I've already watched The Stranger three times. 😄😄

But I'll narrow it down to my two favorite series: North and South and Spooks (MI-5).

Episode 2 in North and South and the proposal scene.  I love the proposal scene between John and Margaret and also John's scenes with his mother.

Also if you have the DVD there is an extended version of the proposal scene.

Spooks Season 8, Episode 4 is my favorite.  Lucas North encounters his primary torturer during his years in a Russian prison camp. But we find out that Lucas and Oleg have a complicated relationship.  Frenemies forever?

The episode also has moments of Lucas' relationship with Harry, with Ros, and his love affair with CIA agent Sarah. 

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