Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet Memories of Davy Jones

Such sad news today to read that Davy Jones of  The Monkees passed away of a heart attack.  

Davy Jones was my first crush and a special part of my youth. I think he must have started my love of men with British accents. I remember the thrill of getting my first Monkees album and sharing the experience of watching the TV show with my friends at school. Hard to imagine today, but those were the days way, way, before the Internet and we had no fan forums or Twitter to share our love with fellow fans, only fan magazines and the phone. 

I remember going with my friends to The Monkees concerts and well remember my best friend's father who was the designated chauffeur for these special events.  Her poor sweet dad had infinite patience with us (I really didn't understand how much patience until much later in life). There he was, always with good humor, going with us to the concerts, hearing our screams in the car, and listening to our music on the radio as we sang along. I wondered today what happened to all of them who I lost touch with long ago. I also felt my own mortality a little bit more today.

My affections for darling Davy had its time and place. I moved on and was not one of those fans that followed The Monkees after they reunited in the 80's and 90's and even in more recent years. I never bought tickets to their reunion concerts. But today I realized that Davy Jones had never left a part of my heart, and his death has brought both great sadness and sweet memories. 

Here's a video of my favorite song, Daydream Believer:

Thank you Davy Jones.


  1. Your friend's father must have had the patience of a saint! LOL! You were so lucky to be able to see such big name concerts at such a young age. I only had Teen magazines to look at, the radio or the occasional guest appearance on a TV show to watch. I only got to see The Monkees TV show in reruns many years later.
    My favourite song was Last Train to Clarksville, probably because my sister had the 45.

    1. What happened to 45's! Last Train to Clarksville is still a great song. There are advantages to living in a major Metro area, and I was lucky to see the Monkees back then.
      Thank you for sharing your Monkees memories :)

  2. Good to read your comments. Such sweet memories I have of that time in my life when I had a crush on Davy and was even lucky to get a kiss. This has saddened me. As you said, I also felt my own mortality. It's sad to see a piece of my youth gone. Tomorrow, I will smile with my memories, but not tonight.

    1. I am so jealous Carolyn that you even got a kiss - lucky girl. Davy is such a sweet memory. I'm glad to share this sad moment with you since I share many of your thoughts about this moment.


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