Monday, February 27, 2012

What is Jean Dujardin's Next Role in a Hollywood Movies?

The Best Actor Oscar in 2012 goes to Jean Dujardin for The Artist, and like all European actors Hollywood has him in mind for all movie villain roles from now on. 

See Dujardin's audition video for his next big Hollywood role:


  1. I haven't seen THE ARTIST, but I'm happy he won instead of mediocre Clooney or Pitt. If he gets the DIE HARD 5 role, he might shoot in my country :)

    1. I was also happy The Artist won! I hope you'll like The Artist if you see it.

      Ha! If he does film near you I expect photos!

  2. Agreeing with Dezmond! The Artist awards were a nice change. But did Ms. Streep (much as I respect her) NEED another Oscar?


    1. Hi fitz :)

      The Artist was the most original movie this year, I agree with you both.

      You know, I thought Meryl had won more, but seems this is only her second Oscar (?), she just gets nominated all the time. Haven't seen Iron Lady yet.


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